Thursday, March 26, 2009

Glorious Manifestations

"I keep my thoughts centered upon only those things that I want to see manifest in my life." I sent this message out into the world wide web and posted it on my vision board on my refrigerator earlier this week.

I have had much reflection on the brevity of these words. Realizing that without conscious effort and thought, I might easily attach a negative label on a situation or person. Upon doing that, I am then bringing more of it into my world.

Now - reassess the same situation or person - focusing on the positive; on the good qualities instilled. I now have the opportunity to bring good into my world, an opportunity to learn something of value.

Did you see the transformation? It was not the situation or person. It was my own thoughts and attitude. I now express my gratitude for the goodness of all and allowing those glorious, joyous, goose bumps experiences to manifest in my life.

Would you like to bring glory, joy, hope and happiness into your world?