Monday, May 4, 2009

True Liberation

I am reading the Sara series of books by Esther and Jerry Hicks with my 7 year old daughter Zaya. I have to say that these books are the greatest in teaching kids and adults about the Law of Attraction through the eyes of a child. Get the series as I have learned more from these books than from all the LOA books as it is simple and to the point.

Here is an excerpt for Sara, Book 1: "When your happiness depends on what somebody else does or does not do, you're trapped, because you cannot control what they think or what they do. You will discover true liberation, a freedom beyond your wildest dreams, when you discover that your joy does not depend on anyone else. Your joy depends on what YOU choose to give your attention to."

As we read this together, I saw the light bulb go off for Zaya and for me, is was a realization that I must be present and focus on who or what my attention goes to as this is what my world will be filled with.

I rejoice in true liberation that I choose my reality as I am the only one on this planet that I can control. Tell me what you think. How can you choose to experience that freedom?