Monday, April 16, 2012

Un-Doing Karma or Be-Coming Transformation

Each lifetime is entered with the purpose of healing karma and transmuting energies of fear into a higher vibration. This is the purpose of life and for each lifetime that is experienced on earth. The human experience creates karma until it can learn to connect with the energy of unconditional love, which then allows ascension into new energetic vibrations to occur. Karmic cycles allow the experience of karma through lessons to allow for the possibility of healing and forgiveness. This is the path of un-doing, which can create repeated cycles of learning until you aware that the way out of these cycles is to be-come the healing and transformation that will release the karma.

Every human connection contains a karmic element which you can be aware of by remembering that this is a central aspect of every interaction. Being aware of the presence of karma, observing the energy exchanges and knowing when karma is being activated allows you to see where there are opportunities to become the healing your own soul requires. You are either on the path of un-doing karma, which you do by repeating it in every interaction, or be-coming transformation.

Asking for the higher vibration of this experience is one way to stop 'un-doing' karma and become a new vibration. By recognizing and using every opportunity for healing, the karmic cycles of your life and of the world are minimized and greater opportunities for release and healing are available. This is part of your life mission, to stop the cycles of undoing, which are karmic, and to discover that life can be a joyful, effortless experience created from your highest vibrations.

Each of you is a healer of your soul wounds, soul groups, soul mates and of the world. But do not feel overwhelmed by the task because all healing begins with you and you each have the ability to follow the path of undoing or the path of becoming. You know which path to choose, which one is aligned with your soul's desire for healing and transformation and which one responds to your own wish for ascension and life in higher dimensions of being. Choose the path you resonate with, that answers your heart's call for healing and transformation and you will, with each step on your journey, become your heaven on earth.

This message was brought to me by Jennifer Hoffman . Choose the path that resonates with you. Be kind to yourself and to others as we are all ascending, experiencing and "seeing" this through our own lens that are dominated by our prior life experience. Until next Time, we at the Aromatic Institute wish you love in your heart and sunshine in your soul.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Energies of late and what's to come...

Greetings to each of you! Talk about wild energies! What a ride! The past couple of weeks have revealed huge incoming waves of energies that we have not seen before. They look like very light mist green arcs moving through our dimension. There are others too that look very light silver. These waves are really shaking things up. If you are in balance things are going amazingly well for you. If not, and you are kicking and screaming your way through the current changes, things might not be so pretty for you but that can change!

I am seeing a lot of different symptoms on opposite poles of the spectrum with the current energy influxes. Many are having relationship issues, body pain that is very intense, mild headaches, old emotions surfacing, mineral deficiencies, excess energy, lack of energy and motivation or on the flip side, a huge spurt of creative juices. We can expect these pendulum swings over the next few weeks.

In addition we were also in a whopper of a Mercury Retrograde. This one feels pretty brutal and started affecting us over a week before actually going retrograde. This is a time when we must be very careful about our communications, make sure that what we mean has been heard and not something else, and also to follow up on what we have said or transmitted in emails, letters or any other kind of communication. May messages are not getting through lately. This can be frustrating but a little extra attention to things can go a long way in alleviating problems!

In all of the craziness of the times, we really need to work on self. To get our internal balance and stay there. It is really easy to get caught up in everyone else’s drama and trauma especially over the holidays. The truth is that every day is a holiday, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life as only that day can offer. If we keep our perspectives, we can realize that it is our traditions that are important. Our sense of ceremony and continuity that comes no matter what. These times call for us to honor something external.

I suggest that we take that even further and celebrate that we are creating the holidays out of a sense of our inner holiness. Our sacredness. Our connection with the divine forces that bring us life, love, and the ability to feel at all. How we feel and how we live is all by our choice, our free will, and our desire to find both commonality and to stand out. The very animation of us as beings of light. We have the power and the choice to experience this life to our greatest potential or to become victims of those experiences. Live, laugh, love as you never have. These current energies are like a crescendo of magic carrying us to a great opening of beingness. Ride it high and don’t look back!

This was sent to me by Meg Blackburn LoseyIt has been quite the energetic ride as of late and I can say from personal experience that I have seen it from all angles and sides from people. Whew.... I mean really. I am physically tired from warding off all the emotional, mental and psychic attacks. Talk about swords and shields for protection.  Anyhoo, be good, be safe and I will write more on this later in the week. I can say that I had to bring out the Power Up Kit from the Aromatic Institute, which are four incredible blends called Trusting Source, Valor, Loosening Karmic Knots and Receive Divine Love. These have been a God send for me. You should give it a go for yourself, remember you deserve it! Until next time, XOH

In Aromatic Gratitude,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Incredible energy changes...

I so apologize for the blog delay. Dang - We have moved through some intense planetary alignments, an eclipse, a mercury retrograde and some spectacular trans dimensional energy shifts.

The energies are no longer coming in waves like they used to. They are instead coming to and through as fractals that arrange as libraries and records within our energy fields.

If ever there was a time when we needed to get right with ourselves, it is now. What I mean by that is that we must be completely truthful with ourselves about everything in our life experiences. No more making excuses for why things aren't working out the way we wanted them to. No more blaming others when we have the innate power to change it all. Creation is not only listening but participating with us as we are within it to bring forward whatever we state must be true.

If ever the word Amen applied it is now. So be it. So it is, Oh yeah and right on. Whatever we mean, there it is. In terms of symptoms lately I am seeing a lot of odd headaches, sacral issues, joint pain, digestive issues, foggy headedness and even tendencies to disassociate, or feel as if we aren't really in our bodies. If this is happening to you, do what you need to get grounded. Chocolate is a terrific grounding agent. Cold water on the wrists, lean your back against a big old tree. Walk barefoot in the grass or put your hands in the dirt. Those are just a few good suggestions.

If you are in situations that don't serve who you are in this now, deal with them. Either do what you need to do to rectify them or cut them loose. These energies don't have room for untruths and untruths can become far more than everyday nuisances. What do you really want? Where do you really want to be? With whom? Why not?

Celebrate yourself. Remember we didn't come here for the explicit job of being challenged. The reality is that we are here to live and all we need to do to accomplish that is to do the best we can. There is no judgment panel. We are the ones deciding our way. Where will we go today? Remember it is always and forever our choice. If we don't like the way things are going it is our inherent right to choose again!

Stand firm with me today and say "Once and for all." Use these words behind every affirmation that places you one step forward. TODAY - right now!!

Until next time,