Monday, August 19, 2013


LOA is an acronym for Law of Attraction, which is our universal law. There is a full moon rising in Aquarius and we are being guided to break free where we have been stuck in beliefs and mental patterns. We are coming into a new freedom to be who we really are. Our hearts and minds are opening to love and compassion for ourselves and others. There are opportunities now to make a leap in consciousness. WHEW.......

This has created quite the interesting scenario for me as I am being pulled to the core issue/belief that has kept me stuck in my muck. I like to use the metaphor of a ball of yarn. When we are being pushed, prodded and pulled by the universe to get its message for us, sometimes we tend to only go back a few yards in our ball of yarn. We are actually being gently reminded that we must unravel the entire ball of yarn to get to the core. This is where the healing will take place in order for you to move forward.

In my epiphany this morning, it was the words of my youngest asking questions about Daddy. Why did Daddy leave, why doesn't Daddy talk to you, Why Daddy.... I let myself go past this pain to the core, which was that I as a baby girl asked the same questions. Getting answers that I didn't understand that left me with a hole inside, left me feeling less than for much of my life, which caused me to choose situations, places and people that were not in my highest good.

Now I don't physically have my Daddy here to assist in my healing, but he is sending strong messages and I have received them. I now understand that he did not have a great role model for a father, so he did not know how to be a Daddy. He also did not seek to create a different reality for himself as he was not inclined for that growth in this lifetime. This is my path, this is my spiritual growth.

The LOA says that we can not create what we do not have. Like attracts like, so what this means is if we are continually recreating our past, then that is what we are going to get in our future. We create it each time we reference the situations. How do you choose to remember your story? The following allegory offers a clue.

Two Wolves: A Native American grandfather is talking to his grandson about how he feels about a tragedy in their village. "I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is the vengeful, angry, violent one. The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one." The grandson asks, "Grandfather, which wolf will win the fight in your heart?" The grandfather places his hand on his heart and replies, "The one I feed."

How do we learn to "feed" the stories that heal?

So, the assignment of the day is to do this.... Think of a difficult event in your life, now past. Feel within the emotions associated with the person or event. Now visualize stepping back and see yourself telling the old story. Ask who is telling the story? Now choose to write a new version from where you are now standing, some distance away. Take all the time you need for this process.

As we grow these negative, protective patterns outlive their use. Then as maturity comes, we seek to create new, healthier patterns. It's not that the negative patterns leave, they simply go dormant, and the new healthier patterns take over, as it were. We learn, as the old grandfather did, to feed the good wolf. It makes sense to accept this and have compassion for not only the old negative patterns but for the child or young adult who needed them at the time.

Only when old patterns which no longer serve are let go, can new ones emerge. Sometimes new, healthier habits must be in place before letting go of the old ones.

Have a great week, bust it wide open and make a difference todayAs we continue this journey together, know that I love you, I am grateful for this experience, God is and that is my truth.

Divine God Pod Goddess,

Heather XOXOXO

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