Friday, November 4, 2011

Soul Growth Spurts

The following words are from Rev. Angela. I was led to share as this week has been an incredible experience in the power of our souls.

Let's end this week with a brief reminder about our daily experiences, the illusion that is in truth nothing more than a mind game that is here to serve your soul. An experience is merely a tool for the soul to gain knowledge. Now, let me say that again: An experience is adding knowledge to your soul. It is not a revelation. It is not knowing that you are a creative being. It is not saying, "I am the reality of love." The purpose of all experience on Earth or in other dimensions is to add knowledge to your soul.

As you gain knowledge at a soul level, this spirit has more remembrance, more awareness of its creative power. If you could create that experience, you would have more knowledge to create more experiences, but that does not mean you would have more awareness of your reality. The soul loves knowledge. The soul loves expansion, and it expands with new knowledge constantly by experiencing. For you see, as you experience, you are creating; and as you are creating, you are experiencing. That is what experience is truly about. Existence is expressing the creative process. Now when you are creating in the ego system of illusion, you have experiences that you define, and you define each experience by judging them as safe/not safe, good/bad, okay, benign, reckless, careless, hateful, angry and so on.
By defining your experiences, you are placing them in the illusion. This is only drama. Do not get caught in the drama of your creations. A good movie, a great drama, tells a great story from beginning to end. This is what experience is. It is like a movie adding to the growth of the soul. Any experience you choose will add color and dimension to your soul.  What you need to realize is that it is an experience; it is not the reality of who you are. It is an experience, it is part of the soul's journey, and when you become too involved in the drama of an experience, you may lose the reality of your true identity. Be careful this week not to abandon your true self; when you step away from the true self you are no longer in control and no longer coming from your true power.

I want to thank each and every one for the time you have given to read these words. You are working on yourself on a subconscious level and for that I am grateful and honored to assist in the process. As we each see the world through our own "lens," lets be mindful that we are all entitled to our own opinion and perpective on any given situation, place or thing.

Now with that, can we also end this week with the power of non-judgment? Allow yourself and others the freedom to be who they are. Do not force solutions—allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Uncertainty is essential, and your path to freedom. My father transitioned home 3 weeks ago. I have been given one of the greatest tests that I have in this lifetime. I have been put into a position in which I have to stand up for what is right, say No instead of Yes to appease in order for peace to be for others which would have been at my expense; mentally, emotionally and physically. I am grateful for the lesson. 

I will continue to move forward and practice non-judgment as everyone is doing the best they can will the tools they have in the toolbox. Practice this with me this weekend, dig deep to find the strength, courage and power to rise above the small stuff and see... Join me at the Aromatic Institute where you can find all of nature's gifts to assist you in your forward movement.

Until next time... XOH