Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Dis-ease of Minimizing

When I began the Shadow Process with Debbie Ford a few ago, the transformation was so very powerful. I went from being resigned, angry, and worn out to having my eyes flooded with light. My smile can light up a room. My hearts is open and I hold possibility in my hands.

It's such a miracle to witness transformation. And it always begins with a desire for change that is so strong that one decides to commit and make all the arrangements that go into taking the time away for themselves. That intention and that commitment drives our unconscious in a new direction. And after days of going within, saying things I never thought I would say, sharing secrets with new friends, and laughing so hard at the absurdity of being human, voila! I became someone that is unrecognizable not just to the people around me but also to myself. This is what I live for: to see the transformation in others.

But what could pull people down or bring them back to their old ways? The almighty Minimizer.

The following is directly from Debbie Ford:

"The Minimizer showed up three days after I arrived home from a Shadow Process Workshop. I was listening to a very disturbing conversation about someone who had trained with me for over three years, someone who I watched transform from a crying, angry, powerless woman to a strong, independent, self-respecting and talented transformer. Here, years later, I heard that this woman was angry at me and one of my staff and that she was saying quite horrible things about me despite all the value she had gotten (the gifts are beyond anything I could list). For a moment, I was perplexed that she could minimize the hundreds of transformational moments she had with us, all that she had learned, all the ways that she had grown, and then I realized that she had just been afflicted with the dis-ease of minimizing. She couldn't remember anything good. In fact, she was caught in her own projections. This is a classic example, and we are all in danger of coming down with this dis-ease. Maybe we minimize our mothers who cared for us, who carried us around, who fed us, who drove us to school or afterschool activities. Years later, we focus on what we didn't get from them, what didn't work, or the incidents we feel scarred us. Or maybe we minimize our teachers who supported us, pushed us, told us that we could be better than we are, and now we can't even remember their names. Maybe we minimize the impact that our exes had on our lives, even if they tried to make us better people, supported us in bringing forth our gifts, or gave us our kids who we love. In the midst of heartache, all we can remember is what we didn't get.

The ability to minimize those who have been the great contributors to our lives has deeper consequences than we can really imagine. As we minimize all that we have received, we are also minimizing ourselves. When we are not in deep gratitude or appreciation for the growth that has been given to us, when we spend our energy making others wrong, finding their flaws or just being ungrateful, the effects are far-reaching. We actually draw forth that same minimization inside ourselves. We hear the voice of our Minimizer inside our own minds. "I'm not strong enough, not good enough, not young enough, not lucky enough." Sound familiar? That's the voice of the Minimizer. "I could have done better. I should have done better. That person should have done this for me, said this to me, looked at me like this, talked to me like this." The Minimizer exists right now inside of you and if you want to take your power back and remember who you are and let the light shine bright through your eyes, you can do this by busting through your Minimizer. You can start by acknowledging all those you have minimized. As you acknowledge what you did receive, what did support you, what did help you, what did change you, what did move you forward in your life, you remind yourself of the true gifts of another and at the same time, you acknowledge the gift that you have been to another.

This week, allow yourself to see all those you are making wrong, all those you are projecting on, all those who have given you new life in some way that you are hating on. And then transform the lens through which you see these people. Start to write down the gains, what you've gotten, how you've grown, who you've met, and who you've become. There, you will find the power and be able to heal the dis-ease of minimizing." 

This is a gift from me to you, please love yourself enough to explore so you too can heal from the dis-ease of minimizing.
Until next time, 
Sweet Kisses and Aromatic Wishes...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gazing Upon Goodness :: The Importance of Seeing the Good in All

It is important to see the good in all as there are blessings in every aspect of our reality, and the potential for grace exists in all beings.

Our perception shapes the lives we lead because the universe adjusts itself almost instantly to our expectations. When we look for negativity, we are bound to come across it in abundance. Conversely, we create positive energy when we endeavor to see the goodness around us. As easy as it is to criticize the people and situations that frustrate or hurt us, we do ourselves a disservice in the process. It is important to see the good in all as there are blessings hiding in every aspect of our outer-world reality, and the potential for grace exists in all human beings. When our lives are flooded with challenges, grief, and pain, we may be tempted to believe that some individuals or incidents are simply bad. But if we look for the good in all, good reveals itself to us, easing our doubts and reminding us that the universe is a place of balance.

There is a perceptible energetic shift that takes place when we choose to see the good in all. The unnecessary tension that came into being when we dwelled on negativity fades away and is replaced by sympathetic tolerance. We can forgive those that have wronged us because we recognize in them traits we admire, and we may even discover that we can bring out the good in one another. Though loss still grieves us, we recognize the beginning of a new phase of existence that abounds with fresh opportunities. Each new challenge becomes another chance to prove ourselves, and we learn to show great patience in the face of difficulty. There are few pleasures greater than gazing outward and seeing beauty, wisdom, and harmony. These are the attributes of the universe that help us to cope when we encounter their opposing forces.

Since you create your reality, you make your world a better place each time you acknowledge the good in your circumstances and in the people you encounter. As you draw attention to the positive aspects of the world around you, your understanding of the affirmative nature of all existence will grow. There are few lessons you will learn in this life that will prove as instrumental to your happiness and satisfaction. In appreciating the all pervasive goodness that exists in the universe, you internalize it, making it a lasting part of your life.

This was sent to me through DailyOm. I love sharing!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Recognize A Healthy Ego

by The New Ascended Masters and given through Maureen Watson...

If an ego makes a healthy request to our feminine nature and it is not received, is inactive or feels unrecognized, it will engage in the following limited states: fear, anger, blame, shame, hate, resentment, survival pangs, judgments, justification, projection, bondage, thought distortion, mental obsessions, competition, confrontations, greed, lust, suffering, pain, destruction, fears of sexuality and relationships, negative self-expression, self-indulgent vision or deluded power knowledge. If further unrecognized, its appetite becomes insatiable. Most difficult to master are the battles of the heart, head or body, fighting each other for control. The mind can be a terrible bully with threats of death, disease or suffering when it refuses to feel what your Spirit Heart desires to experience through you. In this mis-alignment, the heart may seek refuge by hiding its torture or unworthiness in some organ of the physical!

A healthy ego has an experience and returns it back to Source, excited for its next experience, not its next lesson. Its true job is to receive the joy of grace and divine inspiration upon cellular request, using discernment. The ego, then, uses its free will to problem solve, which is the most diverse, exploratory and creative challenge possible in the alignment of past information stored in the emotional body, such that the chosen experience is not wounding. The extreme polarity must be transited. Implicit is trust, faith, reverence, love, grace, compassion, honor and knowingness that not one act is better than another and that love protects all emotions. The widest range of mastery experiences pain but the feeling is not painful, doubt but not doubtful, anger but not angry, sad but not depressed, fear but not fearful.

The Old earth human child has been taught that fear keeps you safe, whereby the imagination loses understanding and actionable Divine Intelligence as the physical brain is forced to hide its magical genius. Fear overrides the memory of the Divine cell blueprint until the Soul call for the reawakening in adult life. Creation's playful pleasure principle of loving and creating is denied, and the child becomes locked in the collective mind matrix, where competition is more important than loving and sharing.

The healthy ego can resolve polarity: light/dark, love/fear, male/female. It can handle diversity; problem solving, challenge and exploration. Overall, it is an adaptive and defensive mechanism that keeps one safe in a body and protects against death, disease and suffering. It does this by staying connected to the agenda, or voice of your own Holy Presence; your natural perfection. The voice of the inner Self becomes louder than the voice of the outer world, maintaining a constant value of self-worth. You could not have a desire if it was not coming from your own Soul blueprint.

When the ego is allowed to adapt and master its Soul life plan, then life's agenda moves joyously forward. Its job is to resolve the major life polarities: control/victim, creation/destruction, worthiness/unworthiness, male/female, limited negative emotions/positive emotions, light/dark, past/future. The most expedient self-resolution, power and authority point is always allowing and supporting equality in a co creative process with self and others. One takes charge of one's joy through the growing tension of opposites into a position based on Soul-Spirit impulses and instincts.

Ego choices can passionately inspire creativity and playfulness in the present moment and not be based on past misconceptions or seeming failures. One moves beyond external images and appearances into his or her Inner-based truth. This is a natural protection against anyone's violation of free will. Anything that happens is by magnetic agreement at all levels, unconscious or conscious.

The quest is to be able to hold Soul-Spirit perfection memory in the body at higher and higher frequencies while living in the illusion of time, matter and form. The artful play has no separation split between the message and the experience - they are one. Any reactive emotion, thought, feeling or belief can set forth a separation split into negative ego, into a whole cycle away from the inner direction of the God-directed Self. This is separation of self. Here the focus of love and joy is immediately limited or lost, and a past person, place, time or event must be replayed as an old recording in the brain until a new resolution experience can override the neurons of worn-out experience.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shifting with the Tide :: Energetic Motion

Since our lives are constantly in motion energetically, change is a constant element of our existence.

As dynamic as that energy is, it is not random or haphazard in nature—the shifts in energy that are constantly taking place are the result of our choices. The formulation of intention, a change in perspective, or the creation of a goal can transform our lives in blink of an eye. We think positive thoughts and the world becomes a brighter place. Or we decide who we want to be and become that person. With each passing moment, we are given innumerable opportunities to create change using nothing more than our awareness.

In the span of a single second, our lives can change immeasurably because energy moves at a pace more rapid than anything we can consciously fathom. Though we may not at first be sensitive to the vibrational shifts taking place, our choices are ultimately at the heart of these transformations. We can typically recognize the consequences of key decisions because we anticipated the resultant energetic shifts. But many, if not most, of the choices we make each day are a product of instantaneous reactions, and these still have a significant impact on the energy of our existence. It is for this reason that we should learn to wield what control we can over these shifts. If we bear in mind that all we think and all we do will shape the existence we know, we can deliberately direct the energetic motion of our lives.

Each day, you make an infinite array of decisions that cause energy shifts in the world around you. In many cases, these transitions are almost imperceptible, while in others the change that takes place is palpable not only to you but also to those in your sphere of influence. Your awareness of the immediate energetic consequences of your thoughts and actions can guide you as you endeavor to make the most of the autonomy that defines you as an individual. The myriad choices you make from moment to moment, however inconsequential they may seem, represent your personal power, which sanctions you to transform the energetic tide of your existence with nothing more than your will.

This was sent to me by DailyOM We are the creators of our realities. Where are your thoughts? What is your focus? Where are you energetically placing your emotions?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Vow of Emotional Independence

I have taken the time to dedicate to myself as I have gone inside these past 2 years. I have worked with my shadow, cleared internal clutter, released toxins that have held me back and reprogrammed to my original blueprint. Currently I am in a yearlong program with Debbie Ford and hundreds of others around the world to "Create the Life you Love." All of these things are not a one time process but an evolutionary experience that I am sure to continue until I return to dust.

I want to share with you The Vow of Emotional Independence that I took a year ago. I find it appropriate to reinstate this for myself and also for you to incorporate where you are right now.

When you have emotional independence, you want for nothing because you have everything. Just take a deep breath and think about this. Imagine feeling so full and so completely at peace inside yourself that you have the freedom to love and be loved, to give freely and to receive abundantly, to expand rather than contract, to move forward rather than stay stuck, to live in joy rather than suffer in misery. Emotional independence allows you to be in control rather than to be controlled by the unhealed emotions of your past and will support you in being nourished and filled with faith rather than diminished and weakened by fear.

Today is the day that we can stand together and take The Vow of Emotional Independence. So close your eyes and have the intention that you can be free, that you can be loved, that you can be abundant, that you can be healed, that you can be inspired, that you can be passionate, and that you can help change the world. And then open your eyes and please join me in taking the vow.

The Vow of Emotional Independence

I, ______ ________, am committed to living free of the strangulating grip of fear, shame, doubt, worry, anger, and sadness.

I promise to give my power to the force greater than myself rather than some food, substance, bad habit, or disempowering craving.

I will stand for my highest expression rather than allowing others' judgments to define who I am.

I will always make sure to please and take care of myself instead of succumbing to any people-pleasing habits.

I will listen to the voice of my soul rather than listening to the voice of my critical internal judge.

I will find joy in each and every day of my existence rather than get caught up in the insanity of my world.

I will take care of my planet and let my voice be heard instead of waiting for someone else to do it for me.

I will choose powerfully each and every moment to make choices that leave me feeling inspired by myself and will graciously let go of my self-defeating behaviors.

I take this vow NOW as a positive stand for my soul's highest expression and for every man, woman, and child on this planet today.

As I set myself free, I am freeing myself and others from the violence of my darkest thoughts, my negative projections, and my limiting self-image.

And now I ask all the powers that be to support me in living this vow each and every moment of each and every day.

As I surrender my will for the higher will, I know that I will be guided from my darkest thought to my greatest dream, from my head to my heart.

Today, I commit to living in full accordance with this vow.

And so it is.
Live as if this is your birthright and your destiny - because it is.

© Debbie Ford, July, 2010

Take a deep breath. Read this vow to yourself and allow it to nourish you. See yourself filled with all the light of the world. And if your heart desires to share it, send it on to others.