Wednesday, May 30, 2012


By: Stephanie Alice Rogers
I hear this phrase, it's been with me for many years, "Unraveling at the seams." I heard it most when life had gotten so heavy and thick that it was the breaking point for many. The point in which change had to occur, whether it was self-imposed or the universe had given that final 2x4 to the head.

Unraveling is not a bad thing. It's not coming undone or losing control. It's LETTING GO in the best possible way. It is untangling the knots that hold you back. It is unwrapping the GIFTS you've hidden for far too long. It is unearthing the potential that's always been there. It is finally ditching the labels and should-haves and letting yourself be what you were meant to always be.

I love that we are given the opportunity time and time again to be what we were always meant to be. It is time to get your shift together.

You already have all you need, you just have to unravel. Let me assist you in putting your tools in motion.

Private sessions are available now. I will personally work with you for 21 days to assist in getting your shift in gear.  It is a process and I will be with you, every step of the way.

Invest in yourself, you are so worth it and more. My purpose is to assist you in clearing away any illusion-based blocks to this natural, positive movement so that joy can blossom and blessings can flow to you. $197 to change your world, what a small fee for greatness. I am offering sessions to assist you in getting your Shift together.

Message me at Aromatic Institute, or visit our website to find our different natural ways that essential oils can and will assist your natural body.

Much Gratitude & Blessings,

your friendly Aromatic Alchemist