Friday, June 8, 2012

Find Something...

Find something in every situation for which you can be grateful!

Gratitude is a tremendously creative stance, because our experiences correspond directly to who we believe we are. And gratitude establishes a foundation of Self that has already been received, which is after all, the time we are usually grateful.

The truth is that even when a situation is problematic, you can find something in it to appreciate. Being sick may give you a chance to finally rest from overwork; not having enough money can teach you to appreciate the little things and also to be resourceful. Every problem contains a gift.

Cultivate the grateful version of yourself and the gifts start to swing into view. Note that in this sense gratitude has to be genuine; it cannot be forced or strategic.

And further it cannot be merely a reaction to facts, because the gratitude I'm talking about leads to the facts by staying true to itself no matter what.

In our spiritual practice, we don't assume the desired version of Self in order to manipulate conditions, events, or other people. We do it for our own sake, for the joy and relief of being who we want to be.

This excerpt was send by an angel named Rev. Angela today. I am grateful for the message and honored to share it with you. Gratitude is a powerful tool in transforming your life. It starts with sincerity and love for what is in this now moment. Thank you God, Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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Gratitude and Blessings,