Thursday, October 30, 2008

It is not I....

It is not I, but the Christ within who does my work!

When we are truly on our paths, serving others in the highest good, we are pure vessels for greatness to flow through.

There is a great fight in each of our lives. It is the battles of two wolves. One wolf is filled with anger, rage, deceit and jealousy. The other is filled with joy, serenity, compassion and love. The wolf who wins is the one who we feed! Which one are you feeding right now?

We can slip and feed that bad wolf; however, we can instantly change the direction. By shifting our focus, focus on the good in our lives, we are grateful for the offerings that come our way.

Tell me, which one are you feeding right now?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Gratitude- What a simple word. When we are grateful and we actually feel a tingle around our heart, we are emitting a positive vibrational frequency that brings more of that into our energy field. Now here is a secret ~ you are bringing into your life not that which you are grateful, but every thing that has that same positive vibrational frequency.

Today’s lesson: practice being grateful. Don’t just say the words, you MUST feel them, your heart must tingle.

I remember a jingle from years past, sing with me: I’m dreaming good vibrations! Good, good, good, good vibrations.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Complete Content

When was the last time you felt complete contentment in your life?

Recognize the abundant goodness around you - be it in the form of a pleasant breeze or a fresh piece of fruit.  Whatever it is that brings you joy ~ stop, recognize it and smile ~ say a thank you. When we greet the day through the eyes of gratitude for God's gifts, our lives are made complete.  

There are 4 basic subjects of your life ~ Body, Home, Relationships and Work. When you identity any of these, a focusing energy occurs.

When you make specific statements of desire, you activate more energy around those subjects. It is your choice whether you activate positive or negative energy. 

Remember the Universe will always deliver the vibrational essence of your desire!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hope - the true seed

In the mist of economy turmoil, let us look within and there we will find the answer. I could not have told you this yesterday, as I too was caught in the web, intangled and frozen. My dear brother Gregory, showed me the way back, within the depths of my own soul, where all answers lie.

There is a seed of understanding that rests at the very depths of our soul. It is a knowing that beyond all appearances there is Go(o)d. It is representative of ancient knowledge, compassion, and truth. This seed does not flower or germinate; it remains whole and encased, solid in form. It does not dry out and wither; it resides as everlasting potential and endless possibility. Marinating within the heart keeps it alive and supple, healthy and whole. This is the seed of Hope.

Hope expresses itself at all times. Within it lies the security that there is something more, a greater power and essence that has a hand in all things. And even though most may not realize, that greatness resides within all things. It becomes our soul strength. 

There is ‘You’ and there is ‘I’ and there is the ‘Other’…but in truth “we are the ‘each ness’ of the ‘all ness’ that exists”. As you walk your path today, show others what HOPE looks like so that they too may know how to walk.