Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Community Services" Agreements


Yesterday I was contacted by Higher Management and, since I reach so many of you via the internet, was asked to assist with some paperwork that apparently got misfiled or lost in the main offices of The Pearly Gates. It seems that some of our "Community Service" agreements have disappeared. As I understand it, before we come in to perform our mankind community service hours we must sign a permission slip so that God is not held liable for anything we forget while we are here. Will you all please take a few minutes to fill out the following paperwork for your angels and guides, then tonight just slip it under your pillow and its intention will be delivered back to its rightful place in management's files.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Permission Slip

Resource Development Area for Incarnating Souls requires all entities under the age of 2,000 to provide proof of permission from your Higher Self or Guardian Angel prior to volunteering to be birth on planet Earth. The following information needs to be completed and signed by the spiritual authoritarian and the form returned to R.D.A.F.I.S before the soul will be allowed to volunteer for earthly life.

Agreement With Intent to Support

I understand that I will be called to come and intervene my lower self aspects if they are uncooperative or discourteous to all other living creatures on Earth.

__________________________ (Signature of Soul)      _______________  (Date)

Covenant of Conduct

In all daily activities, meditations, or other events under the sponsorship and/or guidance of my Soul, being a representative of the Eternal community, responsible for all my actions. I understand the following guidelines will be followed:

                1) The illegal use of Divinity and the use or possession of false beliefs shall be prohibited.
                2) All conduct shall be in keeping with the Highest Spiritual regard and respect for all persons.
                3) All individuals will be expected to participate in the global mapping of higher consciousness.
                4) All physical bodies shall be fashioned in good taste.
                5) It is understood that I shall assist others in the act of  Remembrance by dreaming dreams, being open and prepared, trying new and different things, finding quiet time, having fun & making mistakes, sharing visions, and lastly letting go and trusting.
                6) At any moment, I am free to take responsibility for my own creations.

I, _____________________, have read and understand the Covenant of Conduct above. To the best of my ability, I agree to abide
by it at all times.

__________________________ (Signature of Soul)       _______________   (Date

Authorization and Consent of Eternal Spirit

I, the undersigned Eternal Spirit / Guardian Angel of ____(soul incarnating)___, a young soul, do hereby authorize the participation in volunteer activities for Resource Development Area for Incarnating Souls for one lifetime. By my signature below, I do release and indemnify, defend and hold harmless, God, from, and against any and all claims, actions, suits or proceedings of any kind or nature arising as a result of the ignorant actions of this soul while participating in earthly life.

I also release the officers, staff and Board of Archangels of Resource  Development Area for Incarnation Souls, without limitations, from damages, liabilities, penalties, costs, expenses, and claims.

                          _____________________________  (signature of eternal spirit)    

Contact Information: (please print.)

Name, or sound imprint, of eternal spirit ____________________________________________

Planet, plane, or dimension of origin ______________________________

Soul group # ____________________       Subscriber #________________________

Closest eternal spirit to contact in case of emergency:  ___________________________


This day I heighten my consciousness to its original existence
by ascending and stepping back inward to the spiritual principle
of Oneness. There arises a knowledge effectuated by this movement
of Divine cosmic nature. There has never been a separation from God
in this corporal existence. Aligning with immortal consciousness reveals
the truth -- there has always been only One Self in all existences. It is the
Divine Inhabitant within the body of all beings. I AM its transcendence
of Divine play in time.

As my consciousness changes into the height and depth and wideness of
Spirit, I can withdrawal from my absorbing material preoccupation. Becoming
immortal expands my range of consciousness and field of action in time,
taking up a higher use of my mental, spiritual, and physical dimensionality.
I live in the knowledge and feeling that my very substance of being is a
spiritual entity possessed of a continuous Soul-filled perpetually developing
its activities through successive physical existences, thus becoming a being
determining its own becoming! I release all desires to live as a slave of blind
karmic impulsion and awaken to the mastery of my own being and nature,
subject only to the Divine within. All conditions in my life are a union with
God, a unity with all beings, and a life governed and formed from within
in which the source of all thought, will and action are the Spirit working
through the truth of Divine Law.

I radiate a heart filled with gratitude as I walk into the world; a conscious
face and figure of the One Universal Being. A self and a power of the
transcendent Divine in earth instrumentation. And so it is. 

This was brought to you by Rev. Angela Pergoff

I so love the message that we are being given with the responsibility to be accountable and to do the work!! XOXOXO

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seek with an Open Heart

Uriel's Message --

Are you a seeker in your life, asking for the fulfillment of your desires but unsure of how they will manifest? Do you wish for a rescuer, savior or for a spiritual presence to guide you from the state of wanting to manifestation? What is the secret to creating your heart's desire and are you afraid you will never learn it? You see the process of manifestation as challenging and it is, when you approach it from your mind, the emptiness and lack you observe in each moment and a heart that is closed to receiving.

The secret to continuous and unfolding manifestation of what you desire and more is to have an open heart. Everything you need and want in life is available to you when your heart is open to receiving. An open heart is one that does not have judgment and is not critical, is aware of its divinity, believes that it deserves to have all it desires and trusts in the Universe as its partner in creation. The open heart does not have needs, it moves from the fulfillment of one desire to the next, always seeing itself as fulfilled in each step.

The open heart is loving and detached, powerful and humble, confident and forgiving. It exists in the wholeness of the highest vibrations of your emotional energies. With an open heart you cannot have regret, sadness or sorrow. You cannot be angry with your enemies or those who hurt you. You cannot limit yourself in any way or punish yourself or others for what happened in the past. Only the present moment exists. Your open heart remembers its connection and the abundance that exists in the flow of energy that is the Universe.

Open your heart to receiving so you can live within the fullness of the manifestation of each moment. Every moment has the potential to fulfill your heart's desires. Are you willing to receive and open your heart from the place of wanting to being in fulfillment? See your desires as fulfilled because they are as soon as you ask for them. Trust in divine timing and release the emotions that remind you of lack and fear as their lower vibrations limit your life in every way. Limitation is one choice and limitlessness is another. Release your pain from the past and open your heart to the fullness of its potential. Your open heart can experience unconditional love and within it you can experience life as an unfolding banquet of abundance, joy and peace, without effort or pain. 

This is a power message channeled by Jennifer Hoffman.

Higher Frequencies of Beingness

As we move through our lives, there are times that we get caught up in the drama of another. I truly believe that we do this as to not have to experience our own trials and tribulations. Sometimes it is just easier that way.

Well my soul brothers and soul sisters, we are being called to walk our talk, to stand up against judgment, to embrace of gifts and purpose for this Earth school, to shine our light brightly for those who are now awakening. So how do we proceed? We do the work, which means whatever it is that is our personal lessons, growing opportunities and/or dealing with our karmic debts.

In addition to the lessons, we must incorporate a daily practice. This is your choice; yoga, meditation, journaling through your muck, dancing, affirmations, etc. Now more than ever, you must let go of all preconceived notions, trust that the divine source of all is working always in your highest good, even if you are in the midst of turmoil, grief or chaos. All is in perfect divine order and there are definite gifts around the corner as soon as you release and let go of controlling the situation.


 I love the higher frequency of me!

I am a vibration from God with a mandate to be fully me!

God is the cosmic fractal matrix of my life and the life of my true center!

Unceasing and ever increasing good blesses me holographically!

I am a living example of multidimensional beauty, health and wholeness!

My every thought, word and action is rooted in the paradigm of Oneness 
and centered in grace!

I caught It, I got It and I am grateful for It!

And so it is! Amen!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honoring Your Life's Purpose

We all have a specific life's purpose. The presence and experience of others in your life helps you grow in consciousness, creating a chain-like reaction that has a profound effect on the collective awareness on the planet.

It is the ultimate goal for all living things to fully express our gifts and talents, to exalt and uplift the spirit of those around you by being and expressing the beautiful gift you are. If you are like most and are still trying to find your life's purpose, there are vital spiritual questions to ask yourself:
  • What is the unique gift held within me?
  • What is my talent and soul's purpose?
  • How can my purpose serve others?
Allow your true, innate talent to blossom and put it at the service of others. By accepting your gift, you honor yourself and the nature of life itself. By living each day with the goal of being who you really are, you not only awaken the souls of others, but also allow them to express themselves with confidence and trust in their infinite possibilities.

But identifying and keeping in touch with your life's purpose can be a challenge. Below you will learn how to keep in touch with your essence and its message. It is vital to practice these kinds of spiritual exercises, but easy to lose touch with our spiritual goals. As important as it is to your body to exercise, it is equally important to give yourself a regular spiritual workout. Commit to practicing these exercises often and be true to yourself and your essence.

Your Spiritual Workout

Sit in front of your altar or in a quiet place where you feel very comfortable and at peace. Close your eyes, stay silent and relax. Then choose the appropriate aromatic blend below and apply it on the crown chakra (fontanelle), third eye (between the eyebrows), and the solar plexus. Also apply the blend every morning on the solar plexus, crown chakra, and third eye. Pour a few drops into the palm of your hands and breathe it in deeply.

Focus your attention by following the steps below:
  1. Be still in the here and now.
  2. Ground your mind by visualizing yourself "sitting" in your head.
  3. Feel.
  4. Pay close attention to the essence which animates your body and spirit
  5. Open and awaken your heart. How does it feel?
  6. Ask yourself what your gift is, and stay still.
  7. Keep a journal to write down the different images or messages you envision while using the blend.
Everyday, ask yourself what your talent is and how it can help others. Express it without fears and wonder. This is what will bring you the most joy.

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  • Awaken Your Life's Purpose
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