Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seek with an Open Heart

Uriel's Message --

Are you a seeker in your life, asking for the fulfillment of your desires but unsure of how they will manifest? Do you wish for a rescuer, savior or for a spiritual presence to guide you from the state of wanting to manifestation? What is the secret to creating your heart's desire and are you afraid you will never learn it? You see the process of manifestation as challenging and it is, when you approach it from your mind, the emptiness and lack you observe in each moment and a heart that is closed to receiving.

The secret to continuous and unfolding manifestation of what you desire and more is to have an open heart. Everything you need and want in life is available to you when your heart is open to receiving. An open heart is one that does not have judgment and is not critical, is aware of its divinity, believes that it deserves to have all it desires and trusts in the Universe as its partner in creation. The open heart does not have needs, it moves from the fulfillment of one desire to the next, always seeing itself as fulfilled in each step.

The open heart is loving and detached, powerful and humble, confident and forgiving. It exists in the wholeness of the highest vibrations of your emotional energies. With an open heart you cannot have regret, sadness or sorrow. You cannot be angry with your enemies or those who hurt you. You cannot limit yourself in any way or punish yourself or others for what happened in the past. Only the present moment exists. Your open heart remembers its connection and the abundance that exists in the flow of energy that is the Universe.

Open your heart to receiving so you can live within the fullness of the manifestation of each moment. Every moment has the potential to fulfill your heart's desires. Are you willing to receive and open your heart from the place of wanting to being in fulfillment? See your desires as fulfilled because they are as soon as you ask for them. Trust in divine timing and release the emotions that remind you of lack and fear as their lower vibrations limit your life in every way. Limitation is one choice and limitlessness is another. Release your pain from the past and open your heart to the fullness of its potential. Your open heart can experience unconditional love and within it you can experience life as an unfolding banquet of abundance, joy and peace, without effort or pain. 

This is a power message channeled by Jennifer Hoffman.

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