Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is a RETRO experience

Life is a retro experience, a series of steps forward and back, as we move into the future and then look back to the past for validation, affirmation or confirmation. We want validation that our forward actions will give us we want, affirmation that we are on the right path and confirmation of our potential for success. But we don't find those things from the past because our main reason for wanting change is to transform what we are experiencing. And this use of the past merely serves to remind us of how hard, unsuccessful, difficult or limiting the past can be.

When we approach the past from the perspective of "I want something better than that", we are using the past as a reminder of what we do not want in the present. And that uses the past in the wrong way. The past represents one chosen path, one option that we took. When we judge ourselves, our life, potential and opportunities this way, we limit ourselves to one outcome and experience. Our soul contract helped us choose that path but if we limit ourselves in the present based on that outcome, we are ignoring the value of the retro experience. There are better, more powerful questions to ask.

Every challenge we overcome has a blessing, as long as we see it that way. A wonderful way to use of this Mercury retrograde in Aries is to look at the actions we took, the path they created, what we learned and whether want to continue in that direction. And we can ask questions such as what did I want, what was I trying to do, what outcome did I expect, where was my power centered, how much was I emotionally invested in the situation and outcome, and most importantly, did I give my power away to anyone or anything? These questions represent the best use of a Mercury retrograde (which l lasts until April 23) when we observe (not judge) the past from a then/now perspective, use our introspection to eliminate the choices, actions and emotions that do not serve our desire for our highest good and to make a choice for a new path that fulfills us on every level. 

This message was brought to you by Jennifer Hoffman

I have mentioned in the past how I was "privledged to have Mercurcy retro when I was born, which gave me the honor of experiencing the "re" before the masses.  Well, I will just say, get ready, pull up your boot straps and hang on loosely.

Aside from the re-do, re-assess, re-evaluate, let's add re-new, re-align, re-juvenate, re-joice!!! We have arrived, this is what we have been working for all these years. Come on, let's create our best life yet. BETTER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!!! Visit me at The Aromatic Institute 

until next time.....

Aromatic Kisses and Heavenly Wishes,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seed of Authenticity

Your true calling is like a sound activated light switch. You find your voice and immediately your light shines bright. Your words come easily, the message is clear and it’s so consistent with your life that your light shows others the way to their true calling. Voice some authentic truths today and stand in your light.

Say to yourself: I speak my truth clearly. Authenticity lights my path.