Friday, February 27, 2009

Honor for unconditional love

In a world where the hustle and bustle can get the best of us, I want to take this moment in time to honor and give gratitude for my grandmother, Martha Susan Lee. Everyone calls her Susie.

In my 39 years on this earth, I have never heard a rude comment about anyone come out of her mouth. She spent her life caring for her family and when they were grown and on their own, she became a private nurse. I can honestly say that Susie possesses a sense of compassion for humanity that has been lost in most of America.

As I was growing up in her loving arms, she never raised her voice in frustration nor did she punish me for my mistakes, instead she gently guided me through the rough patch and on to the brighter side of life.

She taught me through her actions how to love our neighbor regardless of their life path. She taught me to give unconditional love from my heart space and to realize that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have at a given moment.

I am truly blessed and grateful for have had the guidance of an angel through my formative years and her name is Grandma Susie. My grandmother no longer cares for others, it is now her turn to be cared for. She suffered multiple strokes several years ago and she can no longer care for herself. There are days that she is the woman who cared for others and days where she wants and needs that care.

It is my dream for her to live out her life in the my care and let her experience the unconditional love she bestowed on me through my childhood with me and my children. I was inspired to write about her because the folks at CVS/pharmacy want to honor caregivers, and have created the “For All the Ways You Care” contest as a way to celebrate caregivers in America. They’ve introduced - a forum for people to share a story about someone who has touched their life or how they personally have touched another's.

Thank you Susie for all your love, care and giving.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love and all that is...

Today is a beautiful day and it is my wish that you are experiencing the same thing too. You see today I took a walk down memory lane. Back to the days of high school as the feelings and emotions of joy came forth.

In that moment, I knew that I had to put this into words. You see when you create those feelings of elation, joy, happiness, giddiness and gratitude; you are creating your reality. You are creating more of that feeling to come into your life. This is the Law of Attraction in its finest.

As many of you already know, 2009 is our year of infinite change. We must get moving and shaking loose the chains that bind us. We have to let go of the old patterns, beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve our highest good. In doing this, you will make room for the new to arrive.

In the dawn of a new day, love your neighbor as you would want love to be give to you.