Thursday, December 23, 2010

Memo From Higher Self:

You are in charge of birthing all you desire through your beliefs, through your engagements of energy, action, and thought!!

Where you put your time, energy and THOUGHTS is exactly what you are creating for your future.

As each of these move into your heart space you start to see them become externalized as your life.  You are the only one that creates stages and outcomes of situations that benefit your own Soul growth.  You, my dear self, have the ability in all abstract events in your life to pull in divine intervention, to rearrange what doesn't feel good, to rewrite the ending to any story. The buck stops with you.  You have the gift of coming full swing into Goodness if you choose.

All things, believe it or not, are at your beck and call and creation.   Thanks for listening 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Golden Key

The following was written by Ellen Whitehurst

 So just a little bit more detail regards that magical golden key that somehow showed up in my life these last few days.  But, first, I wasn’t surprised that Stephen was eliminated off Top Chef last night but I sure was sad to see Dale go.  Now, that said, as long as Tre is still dreamily hanging around, well, sigh.

And Andy Cohen’s after show last night with Amy Sedaris was fall out funny and even Colicchio couldn’t keep a straight face.  Hilarity in the Bravo clubhouse.

And the laughing continued right into the early snowy morning when each boy who came by was more wrapped up than the next.  See we live in an area close by the Chesapeake Bay and we have these enormous dunes nearby, so, whenever it does snow (and stick) the boys snowboard and sled, for hours, down those dunes.  But first they converge here and I swear it was like a Norman Rockwell painting here earlier today.
And right this instant I am waiting on Val to get here to help me put up the tree.  FINALLY.  I am just so behind this holiday season!  But I was in front of the energies this morning when I walked into my bathroom this morning.  Truth be told I did see something sticking out over the top of that door yesterday but I just don’t know why I didn’t just reach up and grab whatever it was.  I had alot on my mind yesterday so I don’t think I was present with that gift.

But this morning, just as I passed under the door, the sun caught the key and it sparkled and shimmered.  I got up on my tip toes and grabbed the key and pulled it down in front of me.  A golden key.  What?  Why?  How’d it get there?  Weird.

So the first thing I thought was that Val must have left that key there when he was in my room the other day.  But, still, a golden key on top of the lip of my bedroom bathroom door?  Hmmmmm……

But, then, I quieted and I asked what this key meant.  And that still small voice that I trust so very much just said these three words, ‘The Golden Key.’  When I got to my computer I looked up a small book that I remembered reading once upon a million years ago.  But, I couldn’t remember what the message of the tiny little pamphlet was.  Until I reread that message again today.  And, essentially, it’s this:

The Golden Key is practicing the presence of God.  This method definitely supports and aligns with main messages of almost every other tradition I have studied.  Simply put, The Golden Key maintains that thoughts are things.  And that where you place your thoughts, consistently and constantly, is also what you will most assuredly manifest in your life.  In this particular pamphlet, the author, Emmet Fox, says that focusing on problems will only serve to create more of same in your life.  The Fantastic Mister Fox gave us his Golden Key by instructing that WHENEVER your thoughts turn to ANYTHING you don’t want in your life, you should CONSCIOUSLY STOP and turn your thoughts to God (or whoever your Higher Power is.)  But the idea is the same.  Don’t spend one second thinking about anything unproductive.  And if/when your find yourself slipping into anything anxiety producing you should IMMEDIATELY and CONSCIOUSLY stop that stinking thinking and then shift your vibration to an immeasurably higher one by simply thinking about God.

So I am grateful, grateful, grateful…for a benevolent and blessed Universe that will manifest little golden keys for me to remember that we are not ever alone.  Symbols.  They speak to the language of the soul.  And can unlock our ultimate potential so that it can be filled to overflowing with miracles, magic and possibility.
So that is why I am also offering a link today from our friend and uber astrologer Kathy Rose.  She does her inimitable inspirational job of offering insights on symbols and signs from the Universe.  Go ahead and link to her wisdom right here:

The signs are all around us.  All the time.  Look for yours right now!  Here, I’ll kick that effort off…….XOE!

I have to say that I love love love Ellen and so love the insight from Kathy Rose. Since finding Ellen a few month's ago, I have had great forward movement. Thanks Ellen!

Hope this finds you all well and your holidays are filled with uber love, happiness and joy!

Aromatic kisses,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Spirit of the Holidays: Use Mercury Retrograde to Set a New Foundation!

A reminder that WE are moving forward
It’s baaaaaack! Mercury Retrograde is about to strike again just in time for the holiday season. But, no need to cringe. With the right perspective, the coming three weeks can actually support you in making a new start in the New Year!

Our little buddy Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn from December 10 through December 30, when it turns direct in Sagittarius. As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, Mercury Retrograde happens when Mercury slows down and appears to stop or move backward. When a planet is retrograde, it’s usually closer to the Earth in its orbit and exerts more gravitational force in our direction. So, in this case, we have a three-week celestial “psych out” in which Mercury, the planet of communication, information, perception, and the mind, skillfully (and sometimes shrewdly!) impacts those areas in our lives.

When a planet is retrograde, our thinking is more introspective and we tend to think about concerns that relate to the sign involved. With this Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, the hardy goat of the zodiac, there will be more focus on structures and foundations. Capricorn is about keeping your feet on the ground and your eye on the prize. An earth sign, it embodies responsibility, patience, wisdom, tenacity, and maturity. And, good old Mercury will probably bring you situations (some which might be frustrating or challenging) that force you to cultivate all of these qualities.(Hint, Hint, universal 2x4 on its way!) Likewise, when Mercury is in Capricorn, our thought processes become more defined, our focus becomes sharper, and we think in practical terms.

Think of yourself as the architect of your life, setting out to design, organize, and build a beautiful, strong structure that will support you and others. This is the time to step up and take responsibility for whatever is going on, right down to the nitty gritty in your foundations. With Capricorn’s focus on professional and personal standing, we’re all being asked to examine our ideals and goals and perhaps redefine the path we’re taking to achieve them. (Personally, I had been on the wrong track, completely diverted from the real pursuit of oneness.) What’s working? What isn’t? As 2010 comes to a close, how have you grown? What are your most cherished goals? If we take responsibility for laying the foundation now and focus on re-evaluating, planning, and preparing, this time can help us persevere in the long-run and attain the goals we set. Not coincidentally, this retrograde in Capricorn has come at the perfect time to set the stage for a new beginning in 2011. In fact, when Mercury goes direct on December 30, it’s in Sagittarius—the sign of abundance and optimism.

When it comes to the rest of the holiday season, it’s important to keep in mind that Mercury Retrograde does have a way of interfering with all areas of communications. Misunderstandings with friends and family may come up, electronics may start acting funny, and so on. During all retrogrades, I make an extra effort to be clear in all of my communications and say exactly what I mean. It’s also important to detach in the midst of tense situations, and it might also be time to re-evaluate some of your relationships. Some people also prefer to hold off on buying electronics and gadgets during retrogrades. In that case, you might prefer to get a gift certificate for your loved one to use after Christmas. One last thing, I can assure that the retrograde will not mess with Santa’s sleigh!

Create a blueprint for the coming year: Spend some time over this retrograde examining what is and isn’t working in your life. What are some of the patterns you’ve noticed? What did you learn in 2010? Is there anywhere you’ve given away your power? How did you grow? What are your most cherished dreams for 2011? How do you need to grow to be the person who lives those dreams?

Remember, Mercury Retrograde is about introspection. Don’t feel pressured to take action on something new during the next three weeks, but do go within and find clarity about where you’ve been and where you are in your life. Then, create a vision for where you want to go and ask yourself who you need to be to get on that path.

This blog was beautifully written by Collete Baron-Reid and comments in (parenthesis and italics) are mine. 

I hope this comes at just the right for you. I can tell you that I have the pleasure of having Mercury Retrograde in my Natal Chart, which tends to lend to me the great honor of experiencing MR about 1 month before the masses. This leads to great insight and expertise in which I offer assistance and guidance to those who seek my professional services as an Intuitive Aromatherapy Pharmacist.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey You, Get off of my Cloud...

Yes, the title of this article is from the Rolling Stones song but it is what I heard when I recently shared a success with someone, only to be met with a stream of criticism and doubt that made me take a step back. Was I looking at my situation the wrong way? Was she seeing something I had missed? Should I ignore her comments or were they true? I had been happy on my cloud until she stepped on it and brought rain into my sunny day.

Have you ever shared a success with someone and when you were finished talking their response just blew you away-not because it was wonderful, supportive and considerate but because they knocked your legs out from under you?

Have you ever talked to someone about an upcoming event in your life that you felt really good about, only to have them come up with a dozen ways that it could go wrong?

Have you ever been with someone who never has anything nice to say about anyone, who can't find a complimentary word to say about anything, no matter how great you think it is?

What's wrong with these people, you might think? And why can't they just be nice and supportive and considerate?

What can you do to help them learn to see the world from a different perspective?

When you're on top of the world it is normal to want to share your good news with everyone, especially those who you believe will support you. After all, they are your friends or family and that is what they are supposed to do. And instead, what they tell you begins to create doubt, confusion, and worry. Then your world becomes smaller, your hopes fade, you begin to wonder how you could have seen so much potential or been happy, you start to find fault with yourself and your dreams and you wonder whether you just imagined everything.

What happened?

You were on your cloud and they decided to rain on it. Not because they chose your particular cloud but because they like to rain on clouds. More importantly, they can only see the world from their perspective, so no matter how much potential or joy you can see in a situation, they can't see the same things because that is not how they see the world and their place in it. They can't be happy for you because they can't be happy for themselves.

You have a choice, to let them stay on your cloud and turn your sunny day into a soggy mess or you can make your cloud a 'no rain' zone and set up boundaries that keep rainy people out of your life.

Why did this happen to you?

We know that nothing just 'happens' to us, we create every aspect of our reality including all of the people, situations and events in it. So why would you deliberately invite these people into your life, to rain on your sunshine? There are several explanations for this that include:

Self sabotage-you need someone to give you an opportunity to sabotage your dreams because you may not believe in them strongly enough so they step in and open that door for you
Testing your faith - you need someone to help you to develop faith in yourself so you bring in someone who can put all of your negative thoughts and arguments in front of you
Validation - you need someone to validate you and your dreams because you need to know that someone else thinks they're worthwhile

We're on the fast track to disappointment when we look to others to tell us we are on the right path. Remember the law of attraction, we attract according to the energy we are sending out into the world. So if we ask for validation because we don't have it, we will attract people who do not validate us because they do not have it to give to us.
What can you do?

There are two big choices
You can take their comments to heart, believe them and let them become your truth or
you can understand that this is their truth and you can choose whether you will adopt it as yours or not.

And there's another thing to consider. Maybe their feedback contains some valid points but when we connect to it through our own doubts and insecurities, we allow it to make our dreams smaller and bring in energies that limit us instead of using it with the detachment that will allow us to expand our vision.

Any time our life intersects with a 'rainmaker' we have to choose where we will allow our power to flow - to the doom and gloom of the person who is raining on our sunny cloud or to ourselves and our dreams. Too often we open ourselves energetically to others and ask for their support, only to be surprised and disappointed when they don't give us what we expect from them. We forget that they are responding to us from their energy and perhaps even their envy, anger or frustration with their own dreams.

Unless we are careful, the rainmakers drain our energy and we can no longer support our dreams. And this can happen in an instant. Do we need others to tell us that we are good enough? Can we believe enough in our dreams to ask for others' opinions without also asking for their approval? Is it possible for us to be strong enough in our convictions that we can use our energy to fuel our dreams and stay on that path, no matter what our 'rainmakers' say?

The next time a rainmaker appears on your cloud, remember you have some choices to make. Decide whether you will allow their truth to become yours and whether you will allow their input to provide helpful feedback or rain on your dreams. Then you can let the sun shine on your success and use your energy to support what you wish to create in your life.

There is value in everything and we need to look at every situation from all angles before we judge ourselves and those who judge us. So take the time to consider all options before you decide to give up on your dream because someone has some 'rain' they need to get rid of.

Keep the faith, we're all in this together and time is moving quickly. Become the observer in your life as you stay focused on your path.
In these interesting and transformational times, we can be overwhelmed by what is happening in our lives but there are always other solutions. Here are a few things to help you get through the difficult moments in your life:
Stay calm, focused, detached and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.

As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time remember to:

Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation.  

Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you.

Above all, be grateful for this opportunity to be part of humanity's amazing shift in consciousness as we all ascend into the miracle vibration.

Many blessings in these miraculous and amazing times,

Jennifer Hoffman 

***Hope you enjoyed, made sense in my world! Another Ascension Insight from Jennifer! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Messages from the Masters

We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service with you in this now.
There have been many changes across the dimensions of creation since our last transmission and much of the change is a result of your coming together in a unified intention of Oneness.
As the seven star gates continue their opening progressions, areas of creation that had become enfolded have begun to reopen, become available and harmonized. Creation is a pulsing, moving beingness with a rhythm of its own that each of you carries within you. As you rise in vibration, so does all of creation in response. As the vibrations rise, the enfoldments that had closed upon themselves for many, many millennia are now opening in such a way that corridors that were utilized by the ancients to cross through the space-time continuum are becoming available again. There has not been a greater time in your existence in which more access throughout creation has been available to you.
To experience these possibilities it is first for you to become aware that they exist, for you cannot have a possibility without awareness that it might even exist. Secondly, to enter and experience these corridors with your consciousness or even your complete being, it is to do so with only the purest sense of being. What we mean by that is to become the oneness that you are, dropping all sense that you are a separate being from creation. To let down your guards and defense that are untrue in the first place, and to become what you intend. Thirdly, it is to enter without expectation or preconception of what the experience will be and to allow yourselves all freedom as a whole and perfect explorer of all reality. Journey with the inquisitiveness of a child, from your greatest states of innocence and allow yourselves to be carried along passageways that your most ancient of ancestors utilized.
Along the way await great beings of light that will be way showers for you. They will give you messages of great importance and truth, and they will assist you in the healing of attributes that you have taken on as untruths.
You can communicate with beings of other dimensions, and of galactic origins. Every twist and turn within the corridors takes you to a new locale in creation, different levels of manifested reality and different levels of density. Do not be so focused upon your journey that you forget to stop and have the experiences that await you. Much like your earthly experiences, when you become logical about what you encounter, the encounter quickly recedes from truth and becomes what you imagine instead. The difference between what you imagine and the truth is that imaginings are often only self-serving and are not aspects of the greater One. Of course you have a responsibility to serve yourselves, learning to receive as much as you give! That can be a difficult resonance to embrace and embody as you have been taught otherwise.
Selfishness is not the same as serving self. Selfishness does not consider the entirety but serving self does nothing but that. It may seem as a paradox and yet it is far from it.
Because so many of you have been coming together on your 10/10/10 and 11/11 harmonic dates in a sense of unity and grace, you have brought great harmonization across all dimensions. You have brought balance into the star gate alignments. The time glitches that you have been experiencing are coming to an end as the true harmonization within and amongst the corridors through creation is perfecting. There is coming over the next weeks of your time, even further harmonizing. You will find within you a great sense of ease and embodiment of the One unlike any times before. The harmonics within you are beginning to mirror that which is the change in creation. This is one of the greatest aspects and events in all of your history.
As the new harmonizations begin to settle in, you will find that your space brothers and sisters will begin to appear more and more. There will be messages delivered and received unlike any in your memorable past, and positive outcomes possible from these experiences.
Your weather patterns will stabilize for the now, being intense in some areas and milder in others. The La Nina will deliver some intensified weather over the next months for those who are in its path.
You may have noticed a minor recession of earthquake activity in the intensity of these events but know that there will be more and further intense events particularly in South America and the far western pacific especially during December of your time. That which has been your norm will become very different in many ways, but then is not change the catalyst to human expansion and awareness? Notice what is happening within you and around you. Let your inside experience balance with your external one. As this occurs, that which you intend will become of fruition much more clearly and quickly than it has in the past.
Celebrate the escalation of human evolution as you rise in consciousness and therefore vibration close to the source of your creation. Remember that all change requires balance and that when positive changes occur there will be other more dense aspects occurring in response. Do not bend to the denser events but see them as only aspects of balancing. That which is positive and that which you intend as positive events will ride farther and higher than any attempt at balance. Also know that what seems to be negative can often be the catalyst to great and amazing change that you may not have yet considered. It is often what you had not expected that brings you the greatest joy and satisfaction.
Continue to work together in body mind and spirit, as your souls know inherently all aspects of Oneness even beyond your human perceptions. As you come together in the name of the One, so do you become indelibly graced with all aspects of consciousness and possibilities. Know that what you have learned as beings of density is far from truth and what you know is only truth. You can certainly learn the difference by listening to your bodies and becoming aware of how experiences created within and around you. When they match, you know you are in truth. When they do not, you may have drifted far from it. But you always know the way back. The way home. You don’t need a map or a process, only to listen well to your inner being.
We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace. 
End of Transmission.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Soul Infusing Physical Density

Meet the Artist
"The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal."  - Deepak Chopra.
As the Sun, Moon, planets and stars dance to the magical rhythms of deep space in a vast choreography that spirals through dimensions and cycles of time we enter November. The month begins on a reasonably orderly note as we travel a cosmic route through celestial tides that will be initiating a realignment of energy that supplies your biology (cells) with fresh programs of stability.
For more than twenty years now, a massive acceleration of energy has been affecting our dimensional reality by speeding up the pace of life in the outer world, which in turn has required you to transform your consciousness. As more and more of our external reality falls into disarray and disrepair the human mind instinctively delves for meaning and understanding. Lucky for you the month of November will hold clarity, choice, and grounding if you can stretch to understand what cannot always be explained in linear terms?
The collective is rewriting the galactic moment of emptiness that Earth finds herself within. The power that wants to become yours requires an understanding of energies around you that you don't quite comprehend. November may require patience on your part for what is anchoring may feel or seem puzzling. Remain confident in your demeanor and by month's end you will have gained the ability to build Spirit into your material existence from that deep sense of order within that is yours.
All the contents of the Milky Way Galaxy - all planetary and stellar bodies - act as galactic circuitry relaying cosmic rays and electromagnetic bursts of intelligence from the Sun. In a similar fashion to our man-made satellite system the signals get sent from cosmic bodies and are carried into your pineal gland via light which then influences your life with encodements of enlightenment, expansion, unity and seeming chaos. Light and all its intelligence filters in and out of our atmosphere, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. During the next few weeks we will be supported by space signals that will be in direct communication with the human DNA. The benefit is going to be that your Soul essence is going to be coming "down and into" the cellular body.
The efforting of this endeavor may feel like an intense athletic exercise program for some. For others it will give the umph, stamina and drive for new projects. With these new infusions coming in daily you could feel bored with people always stuck in the same dramas and seek new, more exciting friendships. It could also be that the amount of contentment that arrives in the body allows you to relax, even to the point of being lethargic. Go ahead and sleep more. Whatever it is you will be reinventing yourself. You are changing the amount of Soul energy within your DNA and cellular biology.
Because the energy within you will be changing, it's necessary for you to change your perception of what is around you - what is yours to manage and change, and how you can actually call on the creator inside to re-create what you thought to be unchangeable. Beginning today you can start to notice the white sparks of Soul fire that are being delivered into your cells. Look with your third eye and you may see them embedded within a dark blue tone. Allow this multidimensional technology to imprint your being. It has the intelligence to rewrite "life consciousness".
To get the power of this incoming information you will want to make peace with wherever life takes you. As the Soul codes land and begin to "poke" anything that challenges your inner authority you may feel backed into a corner with little leverage room in your life. It an illusion; you always have the freedom of choice. Make peace with the experience that appears limiting or threatens to entrap you by learning to interpret the message from the Soul that is underneath the discomfort. Remember, if you can endure or handle the pain of the experience then you get the power (consciousness) that is written into the situation from Spirit.
The Soul only desires beneficial outcomes that anchor Higher Self wisdom in this domain. If you find yourself believing you are not getting a fair shake from the cosmic reservoir of Universal Love, Knowledge and Wisdom you can use this meditation. Center yourself inside your heart chakra. Fill the entire space with a beautiful hue of unconditional green. When the heart center becomes saturated go ahead and allow it to ripple out into your entire field. Next see the turquoise cosmic rays of freedom - they usually enter your field from the back. Let this color infuse your aura and energy field. The green and turquoise will swirl and mix throughout your system. Stay with the meditation until they blend and become teal. Once you have the teal color "breathe" it through your field for a couple of minutes - then you can send it through your root chakra and into the earth. Repeat as necessary.
You can't wallow in the singularity of your human bias when you invoke the stabilization and peaceful serenity of unconditional love and freedom. Another tip, wear navy blue or teal to enhance expanding your worth and value as a Soul in a body that is ascending.
That's my message for this week. Every soul that chooses to heal wounds, overcome insecurities and nurture its own well-being contributes to the incoming healthy 5D model that inspires greater understanding within the collective mind and heart.

Another incredible message from Rev. Angela Peregoff. I am so in love with her messages and of course they hit at just the right time for me. I hope that this post finds you well on your way to infusing your soul into your physical density.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Community Services" Agreements


Yesterday I was contacted by Higher Management and, since I reach so many of you via the internet, was asked to assist with some paperwork that apparently got misfiled or lost in the main offices of The Pearly Gates. It seems that some of our "Community Service" agreements have disappeared. As I understand it, before we come in to perform our mankind community service hours we must sign a permission slip so that God is not held liable for anything we forget while we are here. Will you all please take a few minutes to fill out the following paperwork for your angels and guides, then tonight just slip it under your pillow and its intention will be delivered back to its rightful place in management's files.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Permission Slip

Resource Development Area for Incarnating Souls requires all entities under the age of 2,000 to provide proof of permission from your Higher Self or Guardian Angel prior to volunteering to be birth on planet Earth. The following information needs to be completed and signed by the spiritual authoritarian and the form returned to R.D.A.F.I.S before the soul will be allowed to volunteer for earthly life.

Agreement With Intent to Support

I understand that I will be called to come and intervene my lower self aspects if they are uncooperative or discourteous to all other living creatures on Earth.

__________________________ (Signature of Soul)      _______________  (Date)

Covenant of Conduct

In all daily activities, meditations, or other events under the sponsorship and/or guidance of my Soul, being a representative of the Eternal community, responsible for all my actions. I understand the following guidelines will be followed:

                1) The illegal use of Divinity and the use or possession of false beliefs shall be prohibited.
                2) All conduct shall be in keeping with the Highest Spiritual regard and respect for all persons.
                3) All individuals will be expected to participate in the global mapping of higher consciousness.
                4) All physical bodies shall be fashioned in good taste.
                5) It is understood that I shall assist others in the act of  Remembrance by dreaming dreams, being open and prepared, trying new and different things, finding quiet time, having fun & making mistakes, sharing visions, and lastly letting go and trusting.
                6) At any moment, I am free to take responsibility for my own creations.

I, _____________________, have read and understand the Covenant of Conduct above. To the best of my ability, I agree to abide
by it at all times.

__________________________ (Signature of Soul)       _______________   (Date

Authorization and Consent of Eternal Spirit

I, the undersigned Eternal Spirit / Guardian Angel of ____(soul incarnating)___, a young soul, do hereby authorize the participation in volunteer activities for Resource Development Area for Incarnating Souls for one lifetime. By my signature below, I do release and indemnify, defend and hold harmless, God, from, and against any and all claims, actions, suits or proceedings of any kind or nature arising as a result of the ignorant actions of this soul while participating in earthly life.

I also release the officers, staff and Board of Archangels of Resource  Development Area for Incarnation Souls, without limitations, from damages, liabilities, penalties, costs, expenses, and claims.

                          _____________________________  (signature of eternal spirit)    

Contact Information: (please print.)

Name, or sound imprint, of eternal spirit ____________________________________________

Planet, plane, or dimension of origin ______________________________

Soul group # ____________________       Subscriber #________________________

Closest eternal spirit to contact in case of emergency:  ___________________________


This day I heighten my consciousness to its original existence
by ascending and stepping back inward to the spiritual principle
of Oneness. There arises a knowledge effectuated by this movement
of Divine cosmic nature. There has never been a separation from God
in this corporal existence. Aligning with immortal consciousness reveals
the truth -- there has always been only One Self in all existences. It is the
Divine Inhabitant within the body of all beings. I AM its transcendence
of Divine play in time.

As my consciousness changes into the height and depth and wideness of
Spirit, I can withdrawal from my absorbing material preoccupation. Becoming
immortal expands my range of consciousness and field of action in time,
taking up a higher use of my mental, spiritual, and physical dimensionality.
I live in the knowledge and feeling that my very substance of being is a
spiritual entity possessed of a continuous Soul-filled perpetually developing
its activities through successive physical existences, thus becoming a being
determining its own becoming! I release all desires to live as a slave of blind
karmic impulsion and awaken to the mastery of my own being and nature,
subject only to the Divine within. All conditions in my life are a union with
God, a unity with all beings, and a life governed and formed from within
in which the source of all thought, will and action are the Spirit working
through the truth of Divine Law.

I radiate a heart filled with gratitude as I walk into the world; a conscious
face and figure of the One Universal Being. A self and a power of the
transcendent Divine in earth instrumentation. And so it is. 

This was brought to you by Rev. Angela Pergoff

I so love the message that we are being given with the responsibility to be accountable and to do the work!! XOXOXO

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seek with an Open Heart

Uriel's Message --

Are you a seeker in your life, asking for the fulfillment of your desires but unsure of how they will manifest? Do you wish for a rescuer, savior or for a spiritual presence to guide you from the state of wanting to manifestation? What is the secret to creating your heart's desire and are you afraid you will never learn it? You see the process of manifestation as challenging and it is, when you approach it from your mind, the emptiness and lack you observe in each moment and a heart that is closed to receiving.

The secret to continuous and unfolding manifestation of what you desire and more is to have an open heart. Everything you need and want in life is available to you when your heart is open to receiving. An open heart is one that does not have judgment and is not critical, is aware of its divinity, believes that it deserves to have all it desires and trusts in the Universe as its partner in creation. The open heart does not have needs, it moves from the fulfillment of one desire to the next, always seeing itself as fulfilled in each step.

The open heart is loving and detached, powerful and humble, confident and forgiving. It exists in the wholeness of the highest vibrations of your emotional energies. With an open heart you cannot have regret, sadness or sorrow. You cannot be angry with your enemies or those who hurt you. You cannot limit yourself in any way or punish yourself or others for what happened in the past. Only the present moment exists. Your open heart remembers its connection and the abundance that exists in the flow of energy that is the Universe.

Open your heart to receiving so you can live within the fullness of the manifestation of each moment. Every moment has the potential to fulfill your heart's desires. Are you willing to receive and open your heart from the place of wanting to being in fulfillment? See your desires as fulfilled because they are as soon as you ask for them. Trust in divine timing and release the emotions that remind you of lack and fear as their lower vibrations limit your life in every way. Limitation is one choice and limitlessness is another. Release your pain from the past and open your heart to the fullness of its potential. Your open heart can experience unconditional love and within it you can experience life as an unfolding banquet of abundance, joy and peace, without effort or pain. 

This is a power message channeled by Jennifer Hoffman.

Higher Frequencies of Beingness

As we move through our lives, there are times that we get caught up in the drama of another. I truly believe that we do this as to not have to experience our own trials and tribulations. Sometimes it is just easier that way.

Well my soul brothers and soul sisters, we are being called to walk our talk, to stand up against judgment, to embrace of gifts and purpose for this Earth school, to shine our light brightly for those who are now awakening. So how do we proceed? We do the work, which means whatever it is that is our personal lessons, growing opportunities and/or dealing with our karmic debts.

In addition to the lessons, we must incorporate a daily practice. This is your choice; yoga, meditation, journaling through your muck, dancing, affirmations, etc. Now more than ever, you must let go of all preconceived notions, trust that the divine source of all is working always in your highest good, even if you are in the midst of turmoil, grief or chaos. All is in perfect divine order and there are definite gifts around the corner as soon as you release and let go of controlling the situation.


 I love the higher frequency of me!

I am a vibration from God with a mandate to be fully me!

God is the cosmic fractal matrix of my life and the life of my true center!

Unceasing and ever increasing good blesses me holographically!

I am a living example of multidimensional beauty, health and wholeness!

My every thought, word and action is rooted in the paradigm of Oneness 
and centered in grace!

I caught It, I got It and I am grateful for It!

And so it is! Amen!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honoring Your Life's Purpose

We all have a specific life's purpose. The presence and experience of others in your life helps you grow in consciousness, creating a chain-like reaction that has a profound effect on the collective awareness on the planet.

It is the ultimate goal for all living things to fully express our gifts and talents, to exalt and uplift the spirit of those around you by being and expressing the beautiful gift you are. If you are like most and are still trying to find your life's purpose, there are vital spiritual questions to ask yourself:
  • What is the unique gift held within me?
  • What is my talent and soul's purpose?
  • How can my purpose serve others?
Allow your true, innate talent to blossom and put it at the service of others. By accepting your gift, you honor yourself and the nature of life itself. By living each day with the goal of being who you really are, you not only awaken the souls of others, but also allow them to express themselves with confidence and trust in their infinite possibilities.

But identifying and keeping in touch with your life's purpose can be a challenge. Below you will learn how to keep in touch with your essence and its message. It is vital to practice these kinds of spiritual exercises, but easy to lose touch with our spiritual goals. As important as it is to your body to exercise, it is equally important to give yourself a regular spiritual workout. Commit to practicing these exercises often and be true to yourself and your essence.

Your Spiritual Workout

Sit in front of your altar or in a quiet place where you feel very comfortable and at peace. Close your eyes, stay silent and relax. Then choose the appropriate aromatic blend below and apply it on the crown chakra (fontanelle), third eye (between the eyebrows), and the solar plexus. Also apply the blend every morning on the solar plexus, crown chakra, and third eye. Pour a few drops into the palm of your hands and breathe it in deeply.

Focus your attention by following the steps below:
  1. Be still in the here and now.
  2. Ground your mind by visualizing yourself "sitting" in your head.
  3. Feel.
  4. Pay close attention to the essence which animates your body and spirit
  5. Open and awaken your heart. How does it feel?
  6. Ask yourself what your gift is, and stay still.
  7. Keep a journal to write down the different images or messages you envision while using the blend.
Everyday, ask yourself what your talent is and how it can help others. Express it without fears and wonder. This is what will bring you the most joy.

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