Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Golden Key

The following was written by Ellen Whitehurst

 So just a little bit more detail regards that magical golden key that somehow showed up in my life these last few days.  But, first, I wasn’t surprised that Stephen was eliminated off Top Chef last night but I sure was sad to see Dale go.  Now, that said, as long as Tre is still dreamily hanging around, well, sigh.

And Andy Cohen’s after show last night with Amy Sedaris was fall out funny and even Colicchio couldn’t keep a straight face.  Hilarity in the Bravo clubhouse.

And the laughing continued right into the early snowy morning when each boy who came by was more wrapped up than the next.  See we live in an area close by the Chesapeake Bay and we have these enormous dunes nearby, so, whenever it does snow (and stick) the boys snowboard and sled, for hours, down those dunes.  But first they converge here and I swear it was like a Norman Rockwell painting here earlier today.
And right this instant I am waiting on Val to get here to help me put up the tree.  FINALLY.  I am just so behind this holiday season!  But I was in front of the energies this morning when I walked into my bathroom this morning.  Truth be told I did see something sticking out over the top of that door yesterday but I just don’t know why I didn’t just reach up and grab whatever it was.  I had alot on my mind yesterday so I don’t think I was present with that gift.

But this morning, just as I passed under the door, the sun caught the key and it sparkled and shimmered.  I got up on my tip toes and grabbed the key and pulled it down in front of me.  A golden key.  What?  Why?  How’d it get there?  Weird.

So the first thing I thought was that Val must have left that key there when he was in my room the other day.  But, still, a golden key on top of the lip of my bedroom bathroom door?  Hmmmmm……

But, then, I quieted and I asked what this key meant.  And that still small voice that I trust so very much just said these three words, ‘The Golden Key.’  When I got to my computer I looked up a small book that I remembered reading once upon a million years ago.  But, I couldn’t remember what the message of the tiny little pamphlet was.  Until I reread that message again today.  And, essentially, it’s this:

The Golden Key is practicing the presence of God.  This method definitely supports and aligns with main messages of almost every other tradition I have studied.  Simply put, The Golden Key maintains that thoughts are things.  And that where you place your thoughts, consistently and constantly, is also what you will most assuredly manifest in your life.  In this particular pamphlet, the author, Emmet Fox, says that focusing on problems will only serve to create more of same in your life.  The Fantastic Mister Fox gave us his Golden Key by instructing that WHENEVER your thoughts turn to ANYTHING you don’t want in your life, you should CONSCIOUSLY STOP and turn your thoughts to God (or whoever your Higher Power is.)  But the idea is the same.  Don’t spend one second thinking about anything unproductive.  And if/when your find yourself slipping into anything anxiety producing you should IMMEDIATELY and CONSCIOUSLY stop that stinking thinking and then shift your vibration to an immeasurably higher one by simply thinking about God.

So I am grateful, grateful, grateful…for a benevolent and blessed Universe that will manifest little golden keys for me to remember that we are not ever alone.  Symbols.  They speak to the language of the soul.  And can unlock our ultimate potential so that it can be filled to overflowing with miracles, magic and possibility.
So that is why I am also offering a link today from our friend and uber astrologer Kathy Rose.  She does her inimitable inspirational job of offering insights on symbols and signs from the Universe.  Go ahead and link to her wisdom right here:

The signs are all around us.  All the time.  Look for yours right now!  Here, I’ll kick that effort off…….XOE!

I have to say that I love love love Ellen and so love the insight from Kathy Rose. Since finding Ellen a few month's ago, I have had great forward movement. Thanks Ellen!

Hope this finds you all well and your holidays are filled with uber love, happiness and joy!

Aromatic kisses,

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