Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spreading Your Light

Everything we do or say has the potential to affect the whole; imagine how powerful that is.

As the pace and fullness of modern life serve to isolate us from one another, the contact we do share becomes vastly more significant. We unconsciously absorb each other’s energy, adopting the temperament of those with whom we share close quarters, and find ourselves changed after the briefest encounters. Everything we do or say has the potential to affect not only the individuals we live, work, and play with but also those we’ve just met. Though we may never know the impact we have had or the scope of our influence, accepting and understanding that our attitudes and choices will affect others can help us remember to conduct ourselves with grace at all times. When we seek always to be friendly, helpful, and responsive, we effortlessly create an atmosphere around ourselves that is both uplifting and inspiring.

Most people rarely give thought to the effect they have had or will have on others. When we take a few moments to contemplate how our individual modes of being affect the people we spend time with each day, we come one step closer to seeing ourselves through the eyes of others. By asking ourselves whether those we encounter walk away feeling appreciated, respected, and liked, we can heighten our awareness of the effect we ultimately have. Something as simple as a smile given freely can temporarily brighten a person’s entire world. Our value-driven conduct may inspire others to consider whether their own lives are reflective of their values. A word of advice can help others see life in an entirely new fashion. And small gestures of kindness can even prove to those embittered by the world that goodness still exists. By simply being ourselves, we influence other’s lives in both subtle and life-altering ways.

To ensure that the effect we have is positive, we must strive to stay true to ourselves while realizing that it is the demeanor we project and not the quality of our wondrous inner landscapes that people see. Thus, as we interact with others, how we behave can be as important as who we are. If we project our passion for life, our warmth, and our tolerance in our facial features, voice, and choice of words, every person who enters our circle of influence will leave our presence feeling at peace with themselves and with us. You never know whose life you are affecting, big or small. Try to remember this as you go out into the world each day.

This message of compassion was compiled by DailyOm

Hey y'all~ As we evolve, wake up and realize the divine beloved children of God that we are, it is our responsibility to spread the light, to become vessels for love, compassion, truth, integrity and authenticity. I ask you to stand with me in embodying the message above and watch your world and those around you become better than you could ever imagine. It's surreal, it's the best feeling I have had yet in my life and I will continue this path with gratitude and admiration for all that it.

Until next time, XOH

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Imprinting Each NOW

Message from the "Team" 
We are here and honored to be connecting with you in this manner. You are owning and recognizing yourselves as true multidimensional beings. There is a mass awakening taking place within humanity. Many are excited and thrilled about the idea and the awareness of this expanded knowing; others are still clinging to the edges of their old beliefs and traditions. You are being shifted in consciousness by the energy frequencies offered from the galactic waves, the solar flares, and the light energies generated from all aspects of the galaxy. 

These light waves and galactic waves are shifting your own energy field, the spin of your cells, how you process incoming information as well as altering your perceptions. The doors are opening between the dimensions. This illumination of consciousness and heart activation is available to everyone. There is a quickening that is taking place. This is a cosmic reboot which supports humanity's elevation to higher levels of consciousness.

Realize also that your reality is nothing more than conscious thought; it is this divine consciousness within each individual that forms the building blocks of your reality.
This is the time of your awakening; this is the time to open to new realities, to call them forth, to consciously create them. These light waves are effecting and activating your multidimensional abilities as well as the inner knowing of the existence of the infinite number of alternate universes.

Many are beginning to sense energy fields in new ways, seeing the colors and frequencies around living things, opening to receive information and knowledge from other dimensions and beings. Many are connecting more often with the ability to move consciously in the quantum field of parallel realities and shift to other dimensions. These concepts continue to be offered to the collective especially in the current times, these are concepts that many of you are aware of yet unfortunately you slip into the 'collective amnesia.'

So once again let us offer you an opportunity to mentally stretch. Your leading scientists have been sharing information of life changing ideas and breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics. These mental stretching ideas push against all that you hold real, all your personal beliefs, as well as the collective beliefs held in the energy matrix of human consciousness.

We suggest that you allow these ideas to be considered as feasible. Just soften your mental framework enough to open to the idea of the real potential. Engage in the playful possibility. Open the doors of your imagination and be willing to hold these concepts as accessible.

The first aspect of this framework is to honor and recognize yourself as pure conscious energy that happens to have a physical body. As pure consciousness you are unlimited and un-tethered. It is only your beliefs and programs that limit your expansion into any reality or dimension.

Quantum physics shows that physical reality is a very elaborate illusion, a mirage, often called Maya. Think of it as a super hologram or hologame of energy data. It is your consciousness and the consciousness of all those in physical form that are creating and designing what is appearing. The frequency and vibrations of the collective creates and calls forth what manifests on the screen of your reality.

Humans are just beginning to realize that much of what has been created in the hologame is by default. There has been no clear intention nor conscious awareness of what was being called forth. Little by little individuals and groups are joining together in the realization that their collective thoughts and feelings can and do effect the outcome of global situations. 

Consider for a moment that there are many parallel realities or parallel possibilities. This applies to your personal life as well as the collective reality that is shared by all those who reside in this hologame on planet earth.  Each one of these parallel realties or parallel possibilities is available depending on the energy that is focused on that outcome or that reality. Scientists and mystics share the truth that the world that you know and the world that surrounds you are always in constant flux. There are multi-realities, multi-choices available every moment. Quantum physics offers insight into these multidimensional realities. Wave-particle duality has been known long before quantum physics showed that energy can be a particle or a wave.

Energy is imprinted by your conscious and unconscious thoughts. Each moment is new and fresh. It is awaiting your command. Humans are especially rigid with how they view their lives, who they think they are, and how they should or shouldn't act or be.

Remember everything is energy, conscious energy. It is everywhere at once. There are no limitations; this energy is infinite. You are a personal and unique aspect of this infinite consciousness. Own this awareness; realize that you are powerful beyond measure. As pure conscious energy you can and do create what you experience; unfortunately you have not been aware of this incredible skill and ability.

Most humans are unaware that they imprint their reality each moment; they are locked into a mindset of beliefs that reality is always a certain way. And then it is so. They continue to create the same, again and again and again. It is an illusion that things stay the same. Your reality is always being affected and imprinted by your energy patterns of thoughts. The more fear vibrations that are offered to the quantum field of all possibilities the more events that are fear producing will appear in the hologame.  Much of your consciousness has been influenced by this collective mind set, the limited beliefs in your powerlessness. This is simply an illusion.

This imprinting of the energy field is done on an individual as well as a collective basis. There are beliefs and certain types of rigid mindsets that exist in the collective consciousness of humanity. These beliefs and ways of being imprint the hologame, the matrix, the energy field each moment. Therefore the reality in which you play stays much the same. There is comfort in sameness. There is comfort in the belief of sameness. There is comfort in group beliefs, collective beliefs. It is part of this planet's dysfunction.

Change is resisted because change is scary. Humans will hold on to a situation that is unhealthy or even painful because they are afraid of change. The collective consciousness acts much the same as individuals. Society sees and feels the dysfunctions. Society is challenged to make conscious changes especially when saturated with vibrations of fear. Each individual contributes their own personal fears and insecurities to the whole. The collective fears, insecurities and beliefs continue to keep the reality of dysfunction locked into each new now.  There are always multi-universes and multi-parallel realities available to manifest depending on the focus of the consciousness of the collective humanity.

The evolution of consciousness that is taking place now is stirring and triggering your understanding of just how unlimited you are as pure focused conscious mind. It is especially important to realize your unlimited consciousness while you are in physical form.

Your physical body is simply a vehicle; however in this hologame it is an important piece.  It is important because in this dense vibrational field it allows you interface with this co-created collective reality. In order to shift what is in the collective field, the dense dysfunctional energies of shadow, you must be fully anchored in your body and consciously use the 'heart awareness' as a chalice of transformation. 

You can begin to focus your intention and attention in partnership with the intelligence of your heart. Allow yourself to imagine another reality, see it, sense it, and color it with the coherent emotions and your heart's vibrations of loving compassion. When there is fear, give it an expression of sound and know that it is transformed, it has been shifted. Interface with the elements, begin to envision and call forth clean water. See yourself as this magnificent unlimited being and use your infinite loving energy to attract and manifest a world of peace, clean air and clean water, all the things that you hold dear.

There is a gathering that is occurring of those who are aware of the gift of imprinting each NOW with new realities, reaching for a parallel reality that offers a fresh system. You are awakening to the realization that you are more than who you thought yourself to be. You are truly a multidimensional being, aware that reality is a thought, that reality is a particle, and reality is a wave.  You and others are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. You are beginning to mold and sculpt your energy in an extraordinary way and therefore imprinting your reality with more loving consciousness.  You and many others are calling forth a parallel reality that is supportive to life, that sustains life in all its beauty and wonder. You, along with many others, are focusing on this incredible transformation and holding strong with the clarity that it will truly manifest, and come into being.

Always invite the celestial divine consciousness to join you in your creating; this partnership is your divine birthright as you truly serve as a vehicle of light. We are available upon request, embracing you with our love and gratitude for the courage you exemplify. ~The 'team'

This incredible message was channeled by Peggy Black.

NOW moments of multi-dimensionality..... That is a mouthful my beautiful souls... I'm on board, I KNOW I create my reality. So many beautiful heartspace words: partnership, envision, manifest, awakening, loving, consciousness, intelligence, transformation..... WOW I'm in love with me as I AM all this and so much infinite more!

Until next time,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daily Stepping Stones

Our lives are made of stepping stones, one experience after another in perfect and divine order.

The years of our life do not arrive all at once; they greet us day by day. With the descent of each setting sun, we are able to rest our heads and let the world take care of itself for a while. We may rest assured throughout the night, knowing that the dawn will bring with it a chance to meet our lives anew, donning fresh perspectives and dream-inspired hopes. The hours that follow, before we return to sleep once more, are for us to decide how we want to live and learn, laugh and grow. Our lives are sweeter and more manageable because we must experience them this way: one day at a time.

Imagine the future stretching out before you and try to notice if you feel any tension or overwhelm at the prospect of the journey still to come. Perhaps you have recently made a lifestyle change, like beginning a new diet or quitting smoking, and the idea of continuing this healthy new behavior for years seems daunting. Maybe you have started a new job or are newly married and can feel an undercurrent of anxiety about your ability to succeed. If you can shift your focus from what may happen years down the line and return it to the day that is before you right now, you may find a measure of calm and renewed confidence in your capabilities. You may also discover an inner faith that the future will take care of itself.

The way we show up for our lives today and tomorrow has an enormous affect on who we will be and what we will be experiencing years from now. If we can remain fully engaged in the day at hand, enjoying all it has to offer and putting our energy into making the most of it, we will find that we are perfectly ready and capable to handle any future when it arrives. 

This timely piece was delivered by Daily Om.

This is the perfect mindset for the next few weeks, as Mercury is still in retrograde. I have mentioned in the past how I was "privileged to have Mercury retro when I was born, which gave me the honor of experiencing the "re" before the masses.  Well, I will just say, get ready, pull up your boot straps and hang on loosely. We have been full blown for the last week now, 2.5 weeks to go. Use the above approach to grow and stretch into your greatness. Really!
Aside from the re-do, re-assess, re-evaluate, let's add re-new, re-align, re-juvenate, re-joice!!! We have arrived, this is what we have been working for all these years. Come on, let's create our best life yet. BETTER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!!! Visit me at The Aromatic Institute 

until next time.....

Aromatic Kisses and Heavenly Wishes,