Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Recognize A Healthy Ego

by The New Ascended Masters and given through Maureen Watson...

If an ego makes a healthy request to our feminine nature and it is not received, is inactive or feels unrecognized, it will engage in the following limited states: fear, anger, blame, shame, hate, resentment, survival pangs, judgments, justification, projection, bondage, thought distortion, mental obsessions, competition, confrontations, greed, lust, suffering, pain, destruction, fears of sexuality and relationships, negative self-expression, self-indulgent vision or deluded power knowledge. If further unrecognized, its appetite becomes insatiable. Most difficult to master are the battles of the heart, head or body, fighting each other for control. The mind can be a terrible bully with threats of death, disease or suffering when it refuses to feel what your Spirit Heart desires to experience through you. In this mis-alignment, the heart may seek refuge by hiding its torture or unworthiness in some organ of the physical!

A healthy ego has an experience and returns it back to Source, excited for its next experience, not its next lesson. Its true job is to receive the joy of grace and divine inspiration upon cellular request, using discernment. The ego, then, uses its free will to problem solve, which is the most diverse, exploratory and creative challenge possible in the alignment of past information stored in the emotional body, such that the chosen experience is not wounding. The extreme polarity must be transited. Implicit is trust, faith, reverence, love, grace, compassion, honor and knowingness that not one act is better than another and that love protects all emotions. The widest range of mastery experiences pain but the feeling is not painful, doubt but not doubtful, anger but not angry, sad but not depressed, fear but not fearful.

The Old earth human child has been taught that fear keeps you safe, whereby the imagination loses understanding and actionable Divine Intelligence as the physical brain is forced to hide its magical genius. Fear overrides the memory of the Divine cell blueprint until the Soul call for the reawakening in adult life. Creation's playful pleasure principle of loving and creating is denied, and the child becomes locked in the collective mind matrix, where competition is more important than loving and sharing.

The healthy ego can resolve polarity: light/dark, love/fear, male/female. It can handle diversity; problem solving, challenge and exploration. Overall, it is an adaptive and defensive mechanism that keeps one safe in a body and protects against death, disease and suffering. It does this by staying connected to the agenda, or voice of your own Holy Presence; your natural perfection. The voice of the inner Self becomes louder than the voice of the outer world, maintaining a constant value of self-worth. You could not have a desire if it was not coming from your own Soul blueprint.

When the ego is allowed to adapt and master its Soul life plan, then life's agenda moves joyously forward. Its job is to resolve the major life polarities: control/victim, creation/destruction, worthiness/unworthiness, male/female, limited negative emotions/positive emotions, light/dark, past/future. The most expedient self-resolution, power and authority point is always allowing and supporting equality in a co creative process with self and others. One takes charge of one's joy through the growing tension of opposites into a position based on Soul-Spirit impulses and instincts.

Ego choices can passionately inspire creativity and playfulness in the present moment and not be based on past misconceptions or seeming failures. One moves beyond external images and appearances into his or her Inner-based truth. This is a natural protection against anyone's violation of free will. Anything that happens is by magnetic agreement at all levels, unconscious or conscious.

The quest is to be able to hold Soul-Spirit perfection memory in the body at higher and higher frequencies while living in the illusion of time, matter and form. The artful play has no separation split between the message and the experience - they are one. Any reactive emotion, thought, feeling or belief can set forth a separation split into negative ego, into a whole cycle away from the inner direction of the God-directed Self. This is separation of self. Here the focus of love and joy is immediately limited or lost, and a past person, place, time or event must be replayed as an old recording in the brain until a new resolution experience can override the neurons of worn-out experience.

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