Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shifting into Oneness

In our ever changing world, we are ever changing. Some may prefer to be static or stable, like the position they are in. Well folks guess what...nothing ever stays the same in this Earth school.

We are all evolutionary creatures, beautiful spirits of light energy having a human experience. The word Evolve is beautiful to many and to some, it is the scariest thing imaginable. As much as we try to hold on, not let go, this creates tremendous strife, turmoil and chaos in our lives, we will eventually let go and move with the changes that are ever occurring.

I am writing this short note to all of you who have decided to let go and become that beautiful butterfly that is awakening from its safe secure coccoon. Be brave, march forth to the beat of your own drum and live the life YOU have always wanted. Don't let others "should" you anymore. Be the divine light that God put you here for.
Thank you God for giving me another day of greatness, say it with me...Thank you God for giving me another day of greatness!

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