Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Art of Mastery

What an incredible 2010, jam packed with change, subtle and drastic. We are entering the 3rd week of January and already dramatic transformation. Personally, I had to be knocked down hard this time for the last remaining ego that was attached to a specific area of my life to finally dissolve, thus creating a more gentler state of being. Don't ya just love the energetic humor provided by the universe? This life experience created an Art of Mastery moment - a full circle aspect in karmic lessons when you are graced with this aspect, (and believe me, it will present itself to you in some form, if it hasn't already) you are given the opportunity to revisit an area of your life that had been resolved (or so you thought.)

So you see, I am revisiting an area in my life where i absolutely stuffed down emotions, accepted ideas and beliefs that were not mine AND now have the opportunity to see it from a different perspective. As I am being gifted with court side views, the entire game and its players are now transparent as I can see the lessons, (oh I mean gifts) that are abundantly rich in growth, understanding and unconditional love.  There is an adage that keeps playing the background, "once is never - twice is always."

Here we go, take heed...Be the change you want to see in the world, People! We are all experiencing shifts, changes, transformation, it is your choice as to the process. The more you hold on to that which stunts or slows or stagnates your growth, the more explosive and uncomfortable the scenario. To ease this transition, I have an useful and proven technique: Act "as if" you are already that you desire to be. When you act "as if," you learn new ways to behave and begin to move beyond the choices and responses that you made in the past.  You are now creating moments of choice rather than moments to repeat past reactions when confronted with current tensions or challenges.

What if we were required to live life from the "inside out," to be fully present to ourselves, our experience and our environment, NOW that is the change I want to see in the world and it starts with ME!!!!

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