Monday, May 23, 2011

River of Life...

As I navigate my river of life, I've been graced with AHA's along the way. My latest discoveries and ponderings are that of perception, control and highest good.

The inlet of perception has led a great many discussion with clients, colleagues and friends as of late. As we each have experiences, our reality is perceived and shaped. We can collectively be "experiencing" the same thing and each have a different take on the situation.

This simple AHA has positioned me with a vantage point that has exponentially shifted my world. I now get it. We all perceive the world through our individual lens. Having this knowledge has loosened my resolve and allowed me to love unconditional as I see that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. (I refer to this as having the right tools in your toolbox to cope with life's beautiful challenges.)

Another "lesson" of mine has been that of relinquishing control. Lord have mercy on me as this has been and still is a daily session with good and evil for me. There are several factors that have led to my ambitious controlling nature. We will not digress; however, I will say that loosening these reigns have been the most freeing, gracious and remarkable ever. You see, I would not believe unless it happened to me, so the universe decided to give me a run for my money and placed me smack dab in scenarios that I had to release and let go. As I let go of control, amazing things have happened. I live a life with far less stress than EVER before (as I scream across the house at one of my 3 children, hahahaha.)  Breathe Heather, count to 10... So in this particular situation, my children are arguing over colored pencils from MY art box. (I don't share well - another only child trait.) Hi, my name is Heather and I am an only child... and have parented in that manner for the last 11 years. Well it doesn't work so much with 3 kids as these siblings have their own agendas, lessons and gifts for each other without their "controlling" mama dictating the situation. So I release, let go and become a less stressed mama. YAY me!

Now for the Pièce de résistance, the beautiful gift of hindsight has propelled me forward on my soul’s path and I am gratefully for my experiences and absolutely thankfully for each of the lessons that has been given to me. It has given me validation of my intuition as I have grown into a powerful woman who completely trust the messages that I receive. I am truly aware of my choices and act accordingly. As we walk through life, we are not given the next step until it is right there. I choose to live a life of passion, love, respect, honesty, integrity and empathy.  It is how we perceive our situations and its outcome as to how smooth and easy it can be.

I have to admit that I have been divinely guided to where I stand right now. I acquired along the way 3 incredible tools to add to my toolbox: perception, letting go and hindsight. My tools are now vast and used daily as I navigate the river of my life. My wish for you is the same grace and ease that life can be when you release while being open to receive greatness.


Heather A. Howell AKA the Aromatic Alchemist is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist at the Aromatic Institute, a Holistic Wellness Center, and Aroma Pharmica, an Organic Skincare Company, where she custom blends, conducts consultations and teaches workshops. Heather serves as a Director on the Board and the National Representative of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. She trains therapeutic uses of Essential Oils to medical field professionals; massage therapists, cosmetologists and estheticians as well as those who want to assist themselves and their families.

In her private practice, Heather assists her clients’ issues, guiding them in obtaining wellness through the natural medicine of essential oils. Passionate about natural healing, Heather has over a decade of experience in the realms of Aromatherapy and healing modalities. In her personal time, Heather enjoys healthy living, the environment, parenting with nature, sustainable living, activism, communing with new age children, manifesting, reversing racism and classism, experiencing nature-all seasons, reading/research, gardening and traveling and laughing till it takes her breath away.  Born and raised in North Carolina, lived Colorado for 12 years, lived in Costa Rica, currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina.

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