Monday, June 28, 2010

Being versus Having Potential

We all have potential, which is the limitless field of possibilities that we can create our life from. Our potential is the small voice of our heart which calls us to explore opportunities, to create a reality from a long held dream, to become the powerful, joyful person we know we can be. But unless we are able to step into our potential, it simply exists as a possibility in our life, something that we can have at some point in the future when we are ready to change. To embrace our potential we must be willing to 'be' whatever it is calling us to become.

Many of us are stuck at the point of having potential, we know that there is something better for us and a way to live that is happier than what we have, we just don't know how to connect to it. Our fears, doubts, uncertainty and confusion stop us from taking the leap of faith that will propel us into a different future. Even if we are unhappy, living the life we know is better than stepping into something so uncertain and unknown that when we can't find a solid foundation to step onto, we ignore its call.

But being our potential does not give any guarantees either. After all, it is potential, meaning that its form is shadowy at best. Because potential calls us to become, it means putting our dreams out in the open, exposing our heart's desire to a critical, unforgiving world. What if we fail, what if no one likes us, what if we do not find any appreciation for our new self? What if we do not like what we have chosen? What do we do then? Do we make mistakes when we become our potential?

This is the critical point for potential, when we can separate ourselves from the belief that if someone approves of our potential, then we have made the right decision. Because once we step into our potential, we also challenge others to step into theirs. And they may be critical, but that is because they are receiving their own inner call to become their potential. If we could take one aspect of potential that calls to us and give it all of our effort, become what it is calling us to do, then we would take that first step and be on the path to allowing our confidence and trust lead us on a journey that would unfold into a life of being who we are from the soul level, embracing our power and giving ourselves permission to be the potential our heart knows is possible and true for us. Be the potential you know you have and allow your life to unfold for you in new, different, unknown, uncertain and miraculous ways.

**This was written by a great soul in our realm, Jennifer Hoffman.

There is no coincidence; however, the energy of the universe will always bring to you the things you seek. The above article is a HOT topic RIGHT now in our world as we are all being asked to step into our potential. The potential that is in the highest good for all, not what we THINK others want from us, but that which IS us at our deepest soul level.

The call has been made. It is now your responsibility to step in. It is a beautiful ride that has many dips, turns and hills. Hang on for this is the beginning of the rest of your glorious life.

Heather A. Howell is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist serving as the Master Aromatherapist at Aroma Pharmica, an Organic Skincare Company and Seeking Indigo, a Holistic Wellness Oasis in Charleston, SC and serves as a Director and the National Representative of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Heather also teaches aromatherapy to health practitioners, professionals in the medical field, massage therapists and other healing modality practitioners throughout United States. In her private practice, Heather assists her clients’ issues and obtaining wellness through the natural medicine of essential oils. Life with 3 incredible children based on holistic living and nature is rewarding and fulfilling. Aroma Pharmica is located on James Island, SC.

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