Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Balance Interfering with Your Abundance?

I went on vacation to Mexico recently, and bravely decided to leave my laptop behind. The plan was to sit on a beach and do nothing for five whole days. After all, I should be able to live without work, email, and social media for a while, right?

The first day of doing nothing was lovely. The second day was merely okay. By day three, I was beating myself up severely. Had I become a complete workaholic, that I was longing for my laptop so that I could write my next article, my next class, check in with my social media outlets? Did I truly not know how to let go and just have fun on my vacation?

By the end of the day, I was distressed. I have apparently created a horrible imbalance in my life, resulting in "all work" and an inability to simply play.

On day four, the light bulb went on!

My work is not "work" at all. First of all, teaching a teleclass is way more fun to me than drinking margaritas poolside. My work definitely doesn't feel like "work." And it's not what I "do" for a living. It's who I AM, a joyful avenue of authentic self-expression! When I "work" I get to tap into my Divine gifts and align with my Soul's purpose.

And here I was, beating myself up because "work" is apparently all I want to do!

Isn't that crazy?

Why would we ever want to do anything BUT tap into our Divine gifts and align with our Soul's purpose? After all, this is where we are at our most abundant. This is where we are most aligned to our true Divine nature!

And yet it seems we have an odd notion of "work/life balance" in our society that makes us believe that there can be too much of a good thing.

Why not heavily focus on what allows us to be exactly who we already are, to express our Divine gifts, to do what makes us feel joyful and fulfilled?

If we feel most abundant and Divine while working out at the gym ... why not take this to the extreme? (And please know that there are ways to monetize any passion while you're at it!)

If we feel most joyful and authentically self-expressed while spending time with our children - why insist on having a "balance" between family time and work, or time to ourselves?

If we are spirituality geeks, or obsessed with writing, or fixing up cars, or if we feel whole when we paint murals or make jewelry, or bake cookies ... if these activities are how we perfectly express our Divinity, then why not spend as much time as we possibly can doing them?

Why insist on "balance" and doing something that, quite frankly, makes us feel far less than the Divine beings we truly are?

When we are engaged in the authentic expression of our Divine gifts - when we are flowing with the grace of who we already are! - that's when we are most aligned with Divine Abundance.

After all, abundance cannot flow when we are inauthentic to who we truly are. Abundance cannot flow when we're trying to fit in, when we're compromising, sacrificing, or doing something out of obligation.

Are you giving up your abundance for the sake of "balance?" Or will you joyfully give yourself permission to be one-sidedly abundant, to be extreme in your authentic self-expression, to do nothing but express your Divine gifts into this world?

I, for one, am giving myself permission to take my laptop on vacation with me from now on!

**This was written by Andrea Hess. Thank you Andrea for clarifying and allowing us to re-member our Divine gifts!

Hey Soul Brothers and Sisters,

A glorious lightbulb went off when I read this article and knew that I had to share. For me, a travel the roads of aromatic well-being, spiritual shifting and clearing. Those are the Divine gifts that I JOYFULLY give as an extreme AUTHENTIC self-expression to this world.

How 'bout you?

Until next time...Sweet Kisses and Aromatic Hugs

Heather A. Howell is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist serving as the Master Aromatherapist at Aroma Pharmica, an Organic Skincare Company and Seeking Indigo, a Holistic Wellness Oasis in Charleston, SC and serves as a Director and the National Representative of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Heather also teaches aromatherapy to health practitioners, professionals in the medical field, massage therapists and other healing modality practitioners throughout United States. In her private practice, Heather assists her clients’ issues and obtaining wellness through the natural medicine of essential oils. Life with 3 incredible children based on holistic living and nature is rewarding and fulfilling. Aroma Pharmica is located on James Island, SC.

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