Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soul Contracts, Soul Mates and Your Twin Flame...

 Soul Contracts

 I believe that we created soul contracts with ourselves as well as with others before physical incarnation. These contracts are made so that we can experience what we intend to on Earth, to heal and grow to elevate us to the highest level of unconditional love. All relationships within your life, including the one with yourself, you have chosen and are therefore in your control. When you understand this, you are able to see the perfection of all that you have experienced: the relationships, situations and challenges along your journey.

What is a Soul Mate?

 A soul mate is someone who comes into your life for a period of time to help your growth and vice versa, to challenge you in some aspects, to help you learn some lessons that your soul has wanted to learn as well as experience some of what you wanted to experience. I do believe that not all of these soul mate encounters are deemed “pleasant” at the time, but these relationships help us to evolve and to move up on the ladder to the ultimate divine connection with another soul. Through these relationships, we have many opportunities to release the old way of being with another: our beliefs, emotions, reactions and interactions. There can be multiple challenges that arise to allow us to choose to let go of the ego and fear based thinking and reacting that cannot survive on a higher level of love. Ultimately this is where we intend to be…

What is a Twin Flame?

 A Twin Flame is someone whose vibration is on the same frequency as your own, but has the opposite essence, female or male. Coming together is the complete balancing of male and female energies. Many people say that the twin flame is your other half. I don’t like to use this because it denotes that you need each other to be complete. The desire to be with one another comes from the love that you hold within you for this one, however you are both complete on your own, and it is through connecting with their essence inside of you that eventually draws them to you in the physical. You then are able to share the love in you with each other, and then extend it outwards to the world. The union of Twin Flames is not merely a romantic union for the purpose of them coming together is so much more than just to share in their love with each other, but the souls have intended to take on a mission together in service to the world. At this point in time, many of us are reuniting with our twins because we have planned to be a part of the shift of consciousness on Earth, as we all return to love. It is important to know that when I say reunite I am referring to physically merging together. You are never separated from your twin for you are always connected to each other through the heart, through the soul. You are always communicating on the ethereal plane, in dreams, through your thoughts, through your emotions.

The Ladder of Love

 Now that you have an awareness of what a twin flame is and what a soul mate is, you are ready to know about the purpose of relationships and how they evolve. I like to use the analogy of a ladder because it is truly perfect. Let’s say that you are starting at the beginning of the ladder of love, you have a relationship, go through experiences, challenges and release what is not serving you. Then when that relationship shifts, you have some time to heal, to figure out who you are (for you have changed and grown as a result) and who you desire to be with in partnership, hence the space between rungs (relationships) on the ladder. As you have another relationship, you are repeating the process, again and again as you rise up the ladder. At the top of the ladder is the twin flame union.

 Taking in the idea of soul contracts that I mention above, you can see that all that come to you have been planned and your souls intended to go through certain challenges in your relationship for the purpose of growth, as the challenges are opportunities for you to rise higher and higher in love, the love you hold within you for yourself and life, and then that love is what you share with another partner. Soul contracts also play a part in the physical reunion with your twin and if you planned to come together, then it is merely a matter of when and how it will occur. How do you come together with this twin? There isn’t anything that you have to do…it is merely to connect with you, and by doing that you also connect with your twin. Be aware of everything and everyone around you for you have planned encounters with others along the path. The universe is always guiding you as to what next step to take. There will be action to take, but it will be inspired action as you are going along your journey. As you are in the moment, the pre-sent moment, you are able to recognize when a sign comes to you, and then you can take another step. The process will repeat itself, you will receive more signs for the next step and the next, and even after you come together, there will be more steps and more guidance. It ends up being a beautiful circle that leads you back home. The truth is though that you have never left home. It is because we are on this 3D Earth that it seems that we have been separated from this other, but we have always been connected. We are being called to release the idea and belief of duality and enter into Oneness.

The above information came from Gabriella Hartwell . Please check her out as her energy is amazing!   A dear soul asked me if I wrote all my blogs. I do get inspired to share info from my friends; however anything that is italicized is my writing.

I typically would not publish 2 blogs in a week; however, we are in very interesting times where our worlds are shifting in an instant. The following is pertinent for our evolvement. I love you so very much, which is why I felt compelled to share. 

Y'all ~ I got this information at the most perfect moment as I was downloading, shifting and processing remembering. As I watched Gabriella's video, my mouth dropped as I had JUST spoke all the words above in a deep conversation. I am grateful for my many soul mates with have traveled thus far on my journey. I am grateful for all the "gifts" that I received that allowed me to ascend the ladder of love, 'cause I have now reached the top. I am on top of the ladder!!! I can not explain the heart energy that resides here. I wish each and every one this experience as it is better than I could ever imagine. Join me at the Aromatic Institute as we are formulating alchemy for the soul through plant medicine.

Be in gratitude for the good in your life ~  

STOP the negative self-chatter, STOP the monkey mind in overdrive and CHOOSE to focus on something more positive and gratifying. ONLY….ONLY…..ONLY when you are grateful for what it is that you DO have working in your favor is when you begin to manifest MORE of same!

Until next time,

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