Monday, June 6, 2011

Transforming Challenges

It is important to remember that it is far more effective to hold all that you are concerned with in the container of gratitude. It may seem difficult, however, we invite you to continue to be creative and envision the best rather than worry about the worst. Begin to see the most amazing outcome happening, hold that vision with the tenderness of a gardener and her new seedling. You are far more effective in supporting their healing and well-being by seeing them at their best. When a thought of concern or worry comes to your active mind, quickly find something about this situation in which you are grateful. It can be a simple gratitude. Pre-plan these gratitude's, have a file of miracles, blessings easily ready to grab when needed. 

The minute you are aware that you are dropping into a place of worry or concern, take a deep breath, sigh and replace the worry thought with one that has a lighter flavor, a more coherent frequency. This is a conscious exercise, it is what is yours to do right now. You can be the anchor for your loved ones to hold on to, the vibration that they will entrain with, the link to their strength and well-being.
During these times of great change and great evolutionarily shifts, it is most important for those who are aware to hold a firm and stable platform for all those who are striving to transform some dysfunction. Remember that you are a transformer; everyone is a transformer of dense, dysfunctional patterns and energy. However these dysfunctional patterns and energy manifest in your life and the lives of others, they are there to be processed and transformed through the conscious system of an awakened multidimensional being. This is the same tool to use with any situation and thought patterns that do not support your joy and well-being, whether it is health, finances, personal relationships, jobs or family.

You can align yourself with the flow of well-being, and joy simply by holding a clear and firm frequency of gratitude. The mind loves to solve problems, to worry, to fret, to be concerned. That is what the mind loves to do and the mind will hijack your time doing just that. This is the old paradigm; this is what you are shifting and transforming. Realize that it is just a pattern of thought; it is just an old emotional frequency that still resides inside the system of your mind. It is important to understand and realize that you are moving into a new paradigm in which you will hold a vision, a thought, and intention of what you desire to manifest and it will be so.

So this day we invite you to return to a state of gratitude as often and a frequently as possible.  Know that your loved ones also have patterns to shift and transform, that is theirs to do. Know that your loved ones are also magnificent multidimensional beings who agreed to assist in the transformation of dysfunction on this planet, in all its many forms. Each one has a purpose, an assignment, a soul agreement that they are in the process of completing. Support them with your highest and your best thoughts and emotions for them. They will feel this on the subtle planes of consciousness. Your blessings will embrace them and lift them up, your joy will light their way.

We invite you to call upon the celestial and divine realms of truth, love and light, assistance and support is as close as the request. Know that we are always as near has your heartbeat and as close as your breath. Be at peace beloved, know that all is well.

______________Message from the "Team"_________ transduced and scribed by Peggy Black

Hey y'all, we are in some very interesting times where we are being asked to step up, tune in, dial up. This is not for those with nay sayer mentality - we are embarking on unchartered territory in which we are the pioneers of heart space, effective energetic emittants and tremendous growth in our souls. AMAZING...  We are now between two powerful eclipses (the first one happened on 6/1 and the second one on the Full Moon on 6/15.) According to ancient belief this is a MAGICAL manifesting time. Obstacles can be removed. What do you want gone from your life? Intention THAT this week! Visit me at the Aromatic Institute.

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