Monday, July 11, 2011

The Choice of Active Abundance

We can live passively-waiting for things to happen or to get better, or actively-using our manifestation abilities to create the reality that we want in the next moment, no matter what appears to be happening in this one. Our life can be one of active abundance, where we are in a constant state of receiving effortless miracles every day, or passive abundance, where we seem to get what we want after a great deal of difficulty, at the last minute, receiving much of what we do not want or nothing at all.  The choice of active or passive abundance is ours and the results of our choices will be reflected in our reality.

The word abundance immediately brings to mind money and having everything we want (even those things we think are impossible). If we had abundance, wouldn't we have a lot of money and all of our current lack would be replaced with things that brought us joy? Abundance exists in all things, including what we want and what we don't want. We can't judge abundance because it's a universal principle. If we have no money then we have an abundance of lack. If we are unhappy then we have an abundance of sadness. Our lives reflect the abundance we have created in each moment and we have abundance in everything, including problems and chaos. If that is the state of our reality, then we are manifesting through the beliefs that create those things. Universal law doesn't judge between conscious and unconscious creation, it simply responds to our energy and intention.

When we engage in active abundance we use the power of our thoughts to constantly focus on what we want in our lives. And no matter what our reality looks like at the moment, we know that it can be changed. To create abundance in what we think are 'good' things we must be active in the process and that includes being willing to trust and have faith while we focus on what we want, or walking through doors that open for us. Being passive in this process, waiting for 'good things' to happen, will bring us uneven results that may not be exactly what we want.

This week, consider the kind of abundance that you have in your life right now. If it is joy, peace and unconditional love, that's wonderful. If not, what is your intention for your life and what are you doing to become an active participant in the process of creating abundance? Remember that abundance is not about money, it's about being in the flow of all of the joy, peace, love and the other wonderful, fulfilling things that you want in your life. We must be active participants in the abundance process in order to manifest it in our lives, which means focusing our intention on what we want and walking, fearlessly, through the doors that open for us. Practice active abundance and you will manifest the miracles that you deserve and desire.

This post was written by Jennifer Hoffman.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and apply it to your life. Again my friends, the choice is yours - are you actively choosing abundance or passively choosing abundance. As you have read, abundance is not just about money; however, it actually applies to every area of your life. I specifically ask for abundance to fill EVERY area of my life on a daily basis, thus manifesting the miracles that I deserve and desire.

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