Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Opportunity knocks

We are being asked by the universe to open ourselves to paths of least resistance. For some of us, resistance is our middle name. We create these thoughts which later become things and wonder how did that happen to me. 

This my dear sibling is the universal law, it is the way. We all come from the same Source Energy, we continually create it every second of every day. So if you knew that positive negates negative and every time you had a negative thought, you were creating that in your life on some level, you would begin to make a conscious effort to change that thought.

Now, simply let go, be with the flow. How many times have you heard that corny phrase? It is 100% true.

Okay when you have that negative thought or actually say something that you know does not fit where you ruly want to be, STOP, say "well what do I want?" Example, I caught myself saying how I was tired of people not owning up to their responsibilities. I stopped myself before I went irrate and said, well Heather, what do you want? Response, I want the people in my life to be responsible for their actions, instantly changing a negative vibration, YAY!

Mantra for the day: I love my life, life is good and the universe provides for me! 

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