Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prayerful Visualization

I have been walking my spiritual path for many years now and love, love, love when I incorporate things that completely work for me and mine. I would like to share something I learned for a great woman named Patti Teel. She helps children de-stress and sleep well. I learned a technique called "prayerful visualization." It has no limitations and can be applied to any situation. This practice will feel quite different from our "regular" praying. This is an enjoyable and powerful practice that can dramatically change our attitudes and ultimately, the events that make up our lives.

Let's do this together each and every day, imagine that what you ant to have happen has already occurred. Example, you are having difficulty with another. Instead of praying for a solution, close your eyes and envision harmony between you. See you two smiling and encouraging the other, hear the words of compassion. At this point, you will probably find yourself smiling and your heart will grow warm.

If you want to add silent or spoken world to your prayerful visualization, pray (person's name) whole, pray (person's name) happy. Did you notice that I'm suggesting you leave out the word FOR. You are actually experiencing (through your feelings and visualization) what you'd like to have occur. When you feel complete, punctuate your prayerful visualization with a feeling of thankfulness and gratitude.

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