Monday, August 17, 2009

A review of The Shadow Effect

A Review of Debbie Ford’s Movie: The Shadow Effect:

I am honored to have been chosen to review the Shadow Effects by Debbie Ford. I watched the non-interactive version first and I am so glad that I did. (If I would have known that DVD #2 was the same but with interaction, I would have chose #2, because I want to jump right in and get the work done.) By watching DVD #1, I was able to completely absorb the content and let it sink in, then when I got to the interactive DVD, I was fully prepared to participate, which was in my favor.

What is The Shadow?

Until Debbie’s assessment of our Shadow, I had always thought that it was something to be suppressed and it had not real value in my positive world. I was on the opposite end of that one. Our Shadow is something of darkness within ourselves that was born at a very young age. Where there is dark, there must be light. It is our jobs as human beings to bring this into balance within ourselves. Now when I say darkness, I don’t necessarily mean evil. There are aspects that we keep hidden from others, that if revealed, we fear the worst. Debbie said is best by using the analogy of our public life vs. our secret life.

What Debbie Ford taught me about The Shadow

Debbie said it best, “If you don’t deal with your shadow, it will deal with you.” What I took from that was we all have or have had chronic unprocessed emotions, which left buried will lead to dis-ease, i.e. Obesity, diabetes, cancer… Thoughts and emotions have a tremendous effect on our organs. As we begin to move through our shadow, we discover our light, we begin to bring balance and harmony within.

After watching the movie, I feel like I have been on a journey where you find lost dark pieces of yourself that you had hidden or swept under the rug or stuffed into a closet. I found shame, guilt, unworthiness and other unpleasant emotions that have been lying on the bottom of my heart, while I have been putting grandiose memories and emotions of happiness, success, and empowerment on top to only be spinning in a vicious circle every few months or years.

This movie caused a shift in me as I am now moving through my shadow and letting my light shine.”

I am ready to watch it again and want to everyone that touches my world to see it and gain insight and grow from it. Thank you again Debbie for your dedication, for being real and exploring your shadow so you could bring forth your light to share. I laughed, gasped and cried while watching The Shadow Effect as it brought to the forefront in my world those things hidden in the dark that must be released for me to always grow and share my gifts to the fullest.

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