Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making our days count....

Every day of our lives can be sacred days. Every day we have the opportunity to open our eyes, connect with our soul, and experience the gift of life. When we're connected, we're not run by our fear, worry, and pain. Instead, we're in the present, certain that everything is as it should be and that we are where we need to be right now. Divinely connected, we know that new realities exist and that, ultimately, it is going to get better. When we're connected, we know that no matter what life hands us, we are protected and guided. This is a conscious practice that I make a choice to embrace daily. To know in my heart of hearts that it IS going to get better and I am protected and divinely guided is all I have some moments. And that is okay...

So it is my intention to offer this message as kindling for your soul. May it light the fire to have you passionately go after your faith. May it spark you to look for what's right about your life - to be hungry for it, and to know it's coming, even if you can't see it yet.

Think about it. Would you act differently if you knew you were blessed, if you knew God was watching over you and protecting you? What boundaries would you feel empowered to set? What requests would you make? What doors would you allow to open if you knew you were divinely held? And what would happen in your life if you were intentionally reaching up and pulling in your connection with the divine?

Transformational Action Steps

This weekend, look for the blessings. Keep your eyes open to new opportunities. If you know that they're there, you will surely find them. And give yourself a break this weekend from questioning, from not being sure, and from resignation and disappointment. Instead, make a holy demand on yourself to live your faith rather than your fear...and just watch what happens. I am walking these exact steps too. Stepping in to my power, my source, my divine world that was made just for me.

My dear Debbie Ford inspired these words and has been a guiding light and source for my strength in years, months, weeks and days past. If you have not delved into your shadow yet, I HIGHLY suggest that you watch the Shadow Effect and do the work OR read the Shadow Effect and do the work. 

We at the Aromatic Institute have created the Power Up Kit that will effectively assist you in your journey of embraced, releasing and loving your shadow.

In Aromatic Gratitude,

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