Sunday, December 16, 2012

Counting our Blessings...

In the wake of tragedy this week, my heart is heavy for the families and loved ones of these incredible beings who lost their precious lives.

As a mother of three incredible children and a step mom to-be to five, I counted 8 precious blessings on Friday.  This created quite the reflection for me and an opportunity to give thanks and gratitude to my life thus far.

I know that we all have encountered challenges. Some might still be processing their situations. For me, it has been my faith in everything being in Divine order.  My faith that things can only get better has allowed me to move forward.

I have experienced a few dark days and I made it through them through reflection. This led to meditation for me, which has calmed the chatter and allowed me to breathe from the inside truly.

I am proof that by embracing the law of attraction to your life in a manner that works for you brings swift changes through manifestations~ REMEMBER it is about feeling (emotion.) These are vibratory components that extend from your heart and it is what the universe send back energetically.

My latest example of this is my feeling of having more than enough. I have more than enough money to pay my bills and expenses, I have more than enough food to provide healthy nutrition to my family, I have more than enough love and compassion to give to anyone who enters my world, I have more than enough knowledge to provide service through natural healing, I have more than enough kindness to smile at strangers, I have more than enough experience to share my skills to assist others in their journey.

I would like you to reflect on your past 12 months and tell me what you have more than enough of. Give thanks and gratitude for that. Open yourself up for more greatness to enter your life. Count your blessings.

As we continue this journey together, know that I love you, I am grateful for this experience and God is and that is my truth.

Divine God Pod Goddess,


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